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Quilt Reveal – Tiny Patch Quilt #3 – Take that, 4.5″ scrap bin!

One way that I store scraps is by squares.  I have a bin for each different size from 2″ – 7″.  When one bin gets full, it’s time to do something with them.  For me, the easiest and most surest way to completely wipe that bin out is just by making a simple patchwork quilt.  It really does get the job done without any stress.  Sometimes the easy quilt is exactly what you need.  I like to burn a little lavender oil, put on some music, and zone out while chain piecing.

Tiny Patch quilt #1

Tiny Patch quilt #2

I don’t fret over the size there at, even if they are sized at an even number.  Just go with it.

For this quilt, all my squares were 4.5″.  I made a 16-patch block that measured finished at 16″.  I like working with bigger blocks than smaller ones, so I made the 16″ block and then pieced them together that way instead of sewing a whole bunch of 4.5″ squares.

If you are interested in my storing method, please view this post.

As usual for this quilt, I alternated my color prints vs. low volume.

My color palette was scrappy, but heavy on blues and purples with pops of pink and yellow.

I quilted in a meander all over.

Pattern Details

Finished quilt size 80×96″ (full size)

(30) 16-patch blocks

Layout 5 across, 6 down

Cut (240) color print fabrics and (240) low volume fabrics all 4.5″ square

Onto Finished Pics

If you like my quilt labels, I do sell them.  Read and view all of them in my shop here.

I am currently obsessing over hand embroidery.  Particularly florals.

This quilt has already sold, but if you are interested in a custom version, read the details here.

If you’d like to try your hand at making a similar quilt to this one, but don’t want to cut all the squares, view this page.

Quilt Patterns

While perusing for patterns and inspiration, I found the following really awesome quilt patterns.  This one is called Granny Style Scrappy Quilt, a twist on the Granny Square.  It looks like it would use some square scraps.

I really like bow tie quilts.

O.M.G, this quilt pattern!

And if I ever, ever learn to sew a proper curve, this is one of the coolest quilt patterns I’ve ever seen.


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