All about my GUEST BOOK quilts

Lemme, tell you about my guest book quilts.

What is it?

A guest book quilt is an alternative to having an actual guest book.  What are you going to do with that book?  Are you ever going to look through it?  Where are you going to put it?  This book of names and message of people who came to your wedding, baby shower, retirement party?

If you had these sweet signatures and lovely thoughtful messages on a quilt however……  Well, that’s usable, and warm, and comfy and soft and….. (I could go on all day, but you get my point).

The process

So you order a quilt from me and choose all your own fabrics that will match your colors, style, etc.    There are different sizes and styles to suit any size gathering.  It usually takes around 2-3 weeks before your fabric squares arrive delivered from me to you.  You set your squares out at your gathering along with some fabric markers.  Check out this board for setup inspiration.  Direct your guests to sign the squares for a quilt.  It’s best to make an announcement about this and not just have the table set up.  You should have some kind of instructions at the table as well.  For instance, you don’t want your guests signing close to the edges of your fabric squares.  This way when I stitch your squares together, I won’t cut off any of their precious words.  Also, ask your guests to sign on the right side of the fabric since that is the side that will show on your quilt.

So your event is now over.  Take all your squares (signed and not signed) mail them back to me.  Make sure you put the ‘name your purchased under’ on the OUTSIDE of your envelope.  Your order will then be placed on my schedule.  Note my production time located on the home page of my shop for estimated times.

I will then make a quilt with your signed squares.  I’ll stitch all your squares together, stitch, stitch, stitch, add a little love, wash and dry it for crinkly softness, then mail the quilt back to you for you to snuggle, gaze lovingly, cherish, display and boast over.  Please feel free to send me a picture of you with your quilt ( I love that! ).

What size quilt is right for you?

Before deciding on size, decide on your style.  I have two major differences.  One of them has this big huge block in the middle called a name plate.  This block is where you can put a name, a message, a poem, date, ANYTHING.  Have a look at this quilt here.  The other quilt is just patchwork squares, no name plate ( you can still add a little name or message though, it would just be the same size as all the other squares).  See that quilt here.

Once you’ve chosen style, read the description.  There are many choices of quilt size and quilt block amount.  Choose the one that is right for you.  If you are having a wedding with 100 guests, option B is a good choice.

Maybe this quilt is for a baby shower and you want a baby sized quilt, if so than this quilt might be right for you.

Maybe your event is not for a baby shower, but it’s not large enough for all the squares that come in the other two styles I mentioned, if so, have a look at this big block quilt.  You get less blocks, but larger, and there are lots of options for the size of the quilt.

Where do I get the fabric markers?

It’s important to mention that if you sign your fabric squares with anything BUT a fabric marker, the writings will smudge, fade, or become somewhat unreadable.  You must use a fabric marker.  Fabric markers will not fade.  They are meant for fabric and will survive a good washing.

With each quilt purchased, I send out two fabric markers.  This could end up being not enough for you.  If you have 3-4 guests surrounding a table, you’ve gotta dilemma on your hands.  Having not enough markers could result in guests not signing at all, or feeling rushed, or worse, your guests pulling out a pen/marker/sharpie from their bag and signing that would bleed all over your quilt.

I can’t speak for all markers, but I can speak for the one’s I have used for years and have washed over and over again.  I know when someone uses something other than a fabric marker on their quilt, it bleeds.  Period.  If you use a fabric marker, it does not.  Here are my favorites that I have used:

I sell these in my own shop.  You can add them on to your quilt order.  I haven’t had these bleed yet.  They are a bit better for price as well.

Uchida fabric markers – This is the kind that I’ll send with your quilt.  Black.  I’ve been making guest book quilts for 6 years.  Not a single bleed when this marker is used.  Here they are in color if you prefer.  Also, they come in skinny as well, aka fine point.

Tulip fabric markers – I really like this brand.  They are just a little more pricey, but they are a bit smoother than the Uchida.  Here is the color pack ( a little more cost effective ).

FYI – One more thing when it comes to writing on your quilt squares:  it’s not easy to write on a piece of fabric that sits on a hard surface, but if you put that fabric square on a piece of cloth, like a tablecloth, the writing is much smoother.


Every quilt can be added messages to.  Maybe you want your wedding date or last name, or all the names or a picture or vows, poems, whatever it is that you are wanting, it can be done.  There are options for this in the quilt listings, they are called ‘message blocks’ or ‘custom messages’ .  If you have a particular font, I can usually match it or get close, or you can just let me know you want something cursive or titling or whatever it is you are thinking.

One last thing, maybe you already bought squares at a fabric shop and you just need somebody to sew them together for you and turn those squares into a quilt.  If this is the case, contact me with the size of your squares, the amount of them and the size quilt you are wanting and I’ll get you a quote.  Many times, your local fabric shop will sell a fabric bundle called a ‘layer cake’.  These are perfect for sending to me for making you a guest book quilt.

If you are on this site for quilt making and not quilt buying, I apologize for the disruption.  My regular posts of my obsession with making quilts will continue next time.  Too-da-loo!

Shop guest book quilts here.



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