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Well, I don’t know about you, but I get asked about gift ideas often, and I’ve sat here and gathered all sweet little gift ideas that would be perfect for that quilter in your life.  Some are bigger and standalone gifts and some are just sweet little extras that you can send along to brighten someone’s day.


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I love quilty tshirts!  I love reading them and snickering out how clever the makers are.  Plus, this is a pretty easy gift.  If you know a quilter, I’m sure she would like a tshirt.  I also don’t own a single quilty tshirt and I’m bummed about it!  Here are four that recently caught my eye!




I get asked about my pins all the time!  And I made mine myself with these pins, butterfly buttons like these and super glue.  Some of my pins use cabochon flowers.

Maybe you don’t have time for that though, so here is a few super awesome pin sets I found.

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  • Gnomes – Oh my gosh!  These are cute!  And I have a very particular friend that needs these!
  • Ceramic Pearls – These are so fancy and look like china.  I would love to add these to my pin collection!
  • Mermaid Pins – Every one of these pins have a mermaid theme.  And I know a lot of quilters who are obsessed with mermaids!
  • Mini Thimble Pins – Cuteness overload!  These would be sure to make any quilter smile.
  • Felted Wool Pins – These look detailed and I’m so in love with the hand stitching.
  • Pins with Words – I love these.  So creative!  Each pin has a word on it and many of them have to do with quilting.


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Barn Quilts

I LOVE barn quilts.  I have a really pretty handmade one on my front porch and every time I see it from the road, I smile.  These are a bit of a pricier gift, but maybe that’s just your style.  Here’s the list of my favorites.

  • Mosaic Star in reds – This one measures around 15″ square and I’m loving the complexity of it!
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood – I think this one is my favorite.  It’s not as colorful as the others, but I love that it’s made from reclaimed wood and the design is divine!
  • Prism Star – This one has the look of a sawtooth star, but made with diamonds making it quite modern and pretty.  I also love the rainbow colors.
  • From Put a Quilt on It – This one is from a small business that a lot of quilters are familiar with.  There’s also dozens of blocks to choose from.



Random Ideas All Quilters Love

  • The wool mat – This is a hot product right now.  I loved mine so much, I went and bought a second one.
  • Wonder Clips – A quilter can’t have enough of these.  Always makes a great little add on gift.
  • Thread – I love thread boxes and I really love getting thread as gifts.  You could also give single spools of thread or even these adorable thread balls.
  • Labels – I know you know that I customize and sale labels, but many of the ones I sell are for gifts to quilters from other quilters.  So sweet!
  • Fabric – If you don’t know anything about coordinating fabric but want to get a quilter a bundle of yumminess, most quilt shops offer sweet little fabric bundles.  It’s an easy route to go!
  • Pincushions – I probably have a dozen pincushions here and there and everywhere and each one of those is needed.
  • Enamel Pins – Everybody is crazy about enamel pins lately and  you get can betcha there are some quilty relates ones out there as well.
  • Socks – Socks are like one of my all time favorite things to receive.  I’m weird, I know, but look at all these quilty socks!



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