Monday is all about fabrics – #35 – Indie Folk by Pat Bravo from Art Gallery Fabrics

Let’s Gush…

I have had my eye on this collection for quite a bit.  These colors!  These prints!  Ohhhhhhh!

You are looking at Indie Folk by Pat Bravo.  I gotta tell you, I really just love every line that Pat comes up with.  And I feel like I’m purchasing this fabric line at exactly the perfect time.  It screams fall colors for me.  Oh, and I don’t think that is black in the background of the darker floral.  I’m thinking it is an incredibly deep navy.  I could be wrong, but I’ve been gazing for some time now and it’s navy to me.  (Is that a tiny thread in my tea?  Did I drink that?)

So it really looks black in the pictures, but I tell ya….

These are the florals!  I’m loving the one on the creamy background the best.  It looks like wildflowers to me.  So sweet.  And that stitchy fabric in the background beneath the rest is calling out to me for some embroidery stitches.


Shop Snuggly Monkey for all your stitching needs.  All the Perle cottons you see in my pictures, I purchased from Snuggly Monkey.  Also, sold in this shop are the coolest Sashiko kit supplies that I am aching to get my fingers on.   No matter what you are stitching, you will find what you need in this lovely little shop.

Back to gushing…

I’m really not a fan of stripes, but these stripes are not too bad at all.

And of course this line also includes enough tonals.  I’m smitten with the wine colored one.  That color!  I really like the gray as well.  I always feel like a quilt needs a fair amount of fabrics like this to make things work.  They can’t all be beautiful florals, can they?  We got to have supporting fabrics.

This is only one colorway of Indie Folk.  There’s a whole other one as well.  This collection has a free quilt pattern to go along with it that looks super cool.

You can find Indie Folk in the following shops:

Fat Quarter Shop

Needle In a Fabric Stash

Bobbie Lou Fabric

Brew Stitched

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