MONDAY IS ALL ABOUT FABRIC – #38 – Bachelorette Fusion by AGF

I’m a little late today with my weekly fabric posts, but you know how it goes.  Life.

Still, I like to make time for the things that I love.  And sipping tea while petting a bundle of new fabrics is the best start to a week for me.  How bout you?

So take a moment and make yourself a cup of tea (coffee, if you must) and let’s squeal and delight in the fabrics together, shall we?


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Today, I’m petting Bachelorette Fusion.  You remember ‘Fusions’ right?  No?  See here and here.  Fusion collections are a combination of many prints from many different Art Gallery Fabrics designers combined into one collection and recolored.  I love the whole idea behind this resurrection as much as I did when I first heard of it.  It’s like having fabrics that you love re-emerge in fresh new colors.  Wait, that’s exactly what it is!

You can purchase Bachelorette Fusion from the following shops:

Fat Quarter Shop

Needle in a Fabric Stash

Sew for a Song

Curly Girl Fabric (currently 10% off)

If you’d prefer to purchase them individually see here.

Four of the prints in this collection are low volume.  If I ever get to create a fabric collection you can bet that half the prints would be low volume as well.  So naturally, I like that!

This print is called Garden Rocket.  I like the varying shades of pink.


Support a small shop.


Visit Fabric Shoppe here.  I buy a lot of fabric, and since I don’t have a local fabric shop I spend a lot of money on shipping.  I know how much things cost to ship and I don’t like to be gouged.  This fabric shop has very decent shipping rates.  Maybe this is something you think about as well?  They have a ‘color your stash’ subscription that I like the looks of (have not joined yet).  I keep a large stash so I have everything with inspiration strikes.  If you are just starting to build your stash, these clubs are ideal.  There’s also a pretty big sale section right here.


This is the other floral print in Bachelorette Fusion.  So pretty!  It’s called ‘Flower Field‘.

I have some great loves when it comes to fabrics, and if low volumes are at the top of that list, you can bet that floral are a close second.



I like stripes on bindings the best, even though I don’t use them as much as I’d like.  I really am into any geometric print on the binding.  I feel it gives it more interest.  And this stripe would look great used that way!



Don’t forget to check out the latest post on the Bari J quilt along that I’m hosting over on Bari’s blog!  It’s simple this week.  It’s not too late to join in, so please do so!  I’d really love to see you there.

Thanks for talking fabric with me today and please have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!


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