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Why you should store scraps by size + That Strawberry Quilt ( quilt reveal )

Two things you should know about me by now:  One is very obvious.  I’m obsessed with low volume and I’m not fond of straying from it.  Two is that I am methodical in my scrap storage.

It sounds stuffy to be methodical about anything, or it does to me, but I like things in their place.  There are always things that don’t have a place like some fabric you pull that look great together and you want to make a quilt with them, but just not yet.  I end up with stacks of this kind of stuff here and there.  So consider me a bit of a hypocrite in this regard.  I like SOME things in their place.

For example, all rulers have a place.  You best be putting them in their place in my space.  Hand sewing stuff does not have a place and it might be scattered in multiple areas of the house (you never know when the moment may strike you).  This is the same for yarn, notebooks, and even quilts.  They get scattered everywhere.

When it comes to fabric I have a place for it, particularly when it comes to my fabric scraps.  There is no big bin to drop them all into.  Once there are extras, they get cut into different sizes and immediately put into their appropriate bin (2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 5.5″, 6″, 6.5″, 6.5″ coins, 7″, and 10″) IMMEDIATELY.  If I don’t make this a rule to myself and force myself to obey this, chaos will ensue.

But there is an even better reason for this besides “selective anal-ness {that’s my husband’s word for my issues}”…….

I was sent some fabrics for my “that strawberry quilt”.  A sweet friend sent me 2.5″ squares or mini charms, whatever you want to call them.  I was supposed to use them to make her this quilt.  Keep in mind that a strawberry quilt is made up of 2.5″ squares, so this quilt has a gazillion pieces for it.  Mini charms were perfect since they cut my cutting down extensively.  However, she didn’t send me enough, and instead of having to get myself to cutting a gazillion tiny squares, all I had to do was whip down my box of 2.5″ squares and voila!  I had everything I needed.

I have a whole post on my scrap storage method here (it’s old and I’ll prob update it soon).





Moving onto that other thing about me….  You know the low volume obsessed thing.

I did not use low volumes for the background on this quilt.  I used black and white gingham.  To say I was out of my comfort zone was a massively true statement.  I did it though and just love this quilt!




I cannot take credit for this quilt.  The pattern, colors and background were chosen by my sweet friend.  I did decide the layout.  I LOVE missing blocks from a quilt.  I also used my cheater sashing method for this quilt and added in some cute cornerstones as well.

Support a small shop

Our small shop today is not a fabric shop or fabric notion shop for once.  I love to read.  LOVE.  And what goes better with a quilt than a book I ask you?  I also fall madly in love with books and will require artwork or little odds and ends that remind me of a book.  You can find all things of that nature here at Brookish.  Go see for yourself here.  I have a scarf from this shop, but I wouldn’t mind having this at all.

Every piece of fabric used in this quilt with the exception of the gingham, binding and backing came from the mini charm packs and also my scrap bins.

I’m currently reading “Villette” by Charlotte Bronte.

Quilt Pattern Details

There is a free pattern for this quilt block here.

I altered the block just a bit.

I made 21 strawberry blocks and 4 missing blocks.

Blocks measured 10.5×14.5″.

I added cheater sashing at 2.5″ on each side and with a 2.5″ cornerstone.

Cheater sashing made my blocks 12.5×16.5″.

Layout was 5 blocks across and 5 blocks down.

2.5″ top and side was added once blocks were pieced (see cheater sashing method here).

Finished size was 62×82″.

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