A Call For Tales and Stories

Hello, friends!


Coming in 2018, I’m interested in writing a newly monthly series called A Quilt Maker’s Tale.  This is not a ‘get to know a quilter’ type article (however I always love those kinds of posts).  This is supposed to be more of just a simple story.

Maybe that story is about a quilt in particular or about you becoming a quilter.  Maybe it’s about a major catastrophe, a quilt you’ve found, or some other story you might have to tell.  It could be anything you want it to be.  All stories are welcome as long as they somehow pertain to quilts.  You don’t even have to have made the quilt the story is about.  I’m interested in all stories.

Some prompts to inspire you:

  • why you made this quilt
  • a hallelujah I’m done quilt moment
  • inspiration behind a quilt
  • trouble shooting a quilt and how you overcame the problem
  • somebody you gave a quilt to
  • a quilt you found
  • a quilt you were gifted
  • a quilt you are mad at
  • a quilt that comforted you
  • why you started making a quilt
  • trouble with a quilt
  • a quilt you would rescue from fire
  • a quilt you made error after error on and have come to terms with
  • a quilt that made you feel good
  • a quilt that made you feel bad
  • a funny quilt story
  • a sad quilt story

You get the picture, right?  All stories welcome.  Come up with your own ideas or use mine, either way, I want to hear about it.


Who is welcome


You are.  Yes, you, Reader.  I want your story.  You don’t have to be a good writer.  You don’t even have to be an expert at making quilts.  None of it matters.  You are welcome and encouraged to send in your story, in your words.

I’ll feature stories based on what’s going on during the month or sometimes at random (Christmas stories are best at Christmas, etc.).  If certain stories line up with what is going on at my site for that particular month, those stories may be featured quicker.  No story will be discriminated however.  I’ll feature every story written to me if and when possible.  I’m not sure the kind of feedback or entries I’ll have from this prompt, so that will also come in to play when your story is featured.  Amount of entries will also decide how often I have this article (monthly or bi-monthly) to post.


What you need to do


To be considered please send me your story.  You can email me, sending your story in the body of the email or send me a google doc if you prefer.  Please have ‘A Quilt Maker’s Tale’ in the subject line if you email.  Also, include a few pictures (1-3 pictures are acceptable). You will also need to include any applicable links to you such as a website, instagram, facebook, or anywhere you’d want someone to be able to connect with you at (or feel free to remain anonymous).

I may also ask you a few random questions the readers like to know.

You will be sent a badge that you were featured just in case you want to share.  No pressure if not.


I’m very excited about this.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about for several months now.  I’m hoping I get plenty of entries to make this work.  So get to writing!

I’ve put this on my schedule for the first post to come out during the first week of January, so there is plenty of time to write your story.  I cannot wait to hear from you!

If you are sitting there telling yourself that I wouldn’t be interested in YOUR story, you could not be more wrong.  Please share!




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