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Well, it’s the week of Thanksgiving and I’m excited!  I love Thanksgiving!  It’s my favorite of all the holidays!  I will be cooking up a storm on Wednesday with make-ahead dishes and then Thursday for the real thing.  I’ve got a whole list of what needs to go in the oven at what time.  It’s stressful, but SO WORTH IT.  I wish you the best Thanksgiving ever!  May your bellies be full and your face be smiling.

We are having a sale this week!  All week!  And it’s a big sale with a lot of different things happening.  I’ll just be listing them below.  I want to thank you for being so supportive of me all year.  I can’t say enough what your support means to me.  I am a thousand times grateful that you show up and here and read my ramblings and buy my fabric bundles.  Hugs and love!


  • Pattern Sale – buy 2 patterns get 20% off, buy 3 patterns get 30% off, and buy 4 patterns get 40% off.  Shop for patterns here.  This offer is good through Cyber Monday (12/2).  No coupon necessary, simply add two or more to your cart and discount will appear.
  • Quilt Label Sale – All quilt labels are marked down 40% off.  No coupon needed.  Offer good through Black Friday (11/29).  Shop for labels here.
  • Tiered Pricing Sale – When you spend $25 you will receive 5% off, spend $50 and receive 10% off, and if you spend $100 you’ll receive 20% off.  No coupons needed.  Offer good through Cyber Monday (12/2).  Discount will show up in your cart automatically.  Shop here.




I’m having something fun happening in December.  It’s something to do with the most wonderful beverage on the planet and I’ll be talking a lot about quilts and just trying to explain stuff about quilts to people who probably don’t quilt.  Ha!  You’ll see soon.  Anyway, I had to take some headshots and hopefully they are good enough.  Naturally, I wanted them taken in front of my favorite quilt (Trippy).  If you see me around Instagram, I’m sporting this new bio pic.


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  1. Hi Melanie. I’m a fan!! Thank you for your Black Friday Sale….I’m placing a nice size order of fabric bundles and fabrics I’ve had my eye on to make a few Little Miss Sawtooth quilts. Have a lovely Thanksgiving surrounded by family/friends.

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