MONDAY IS ALL ABOUT FABRIC – #42 – Loominous by Anna Maria Horner

Let’s sip tea and get comfy


Hello, fabric lovers.

I’m back to drinking by Cinnamon Sunset tea by Harney & Sons.  It never gets old.  If you are a fan of cinnamon and sweet clove, this one’s for you.

Today for our fabric chat we are having a look at Anna Maria Horner’s Loominous Yarn Dyes.  I had ordered quite a bit of these for a custom quilt order, but never talked about them.  I’m down to just scraps, but I’ve got a plan.  Let the gushing begin.




So these are yarn dyes.  Just in case you never heard the term, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Quilting cotton prints start with a fabric weaved and the design is printed onto the fabric.  On yarn dyes, there is no printing.  The thread is dyed and then the fabric is weaved using colored thread.

Another difference with these fabrics is that they have a much looser weave, making them pretty perfect for clothing making.  Imagine something more floppy than your usual cotton fabric, and then even softer.

Some shops that have these in stock:


Support a small shop.

Cate’s Sew Modern is plum full of fabric goodies.  Check out the sale section here, I was surprised by what I saw there.  I love how organized the shop is.  I can find everything I need by manufacturer, plus there is a low volume section that is immensely helpful to me.  Our featured fabrics are there too.  Find Loominous at CSM here.





Some of the fabrics have a bit of texture to them.  Seedlings, the one is the front and blue has the most texture.  Parts of it feel almost ribbony.  I love the flying geese on the other two.


Product Spotlight

This rotating cutting mat measures 16″ square and can make trimming down blocks a breeze.  No need to pick up your block to trim the other side, simply rotate the whole mat and save yourself time.  Also, the small size makes this perfect for traveling.  For other size and brand options visit here.






Here’s all the plaids.  I like the bigger plaids the most.  The differences of the hues are lovely.

I really like the stripes the best and that’s coming from someone who most of the time does not like stripes (except on bindings), but I think it’s the color combos that I like the most about these.

Find Anna Maria Horner inspiration here.

These are pretty plaid too, but they feel more tonal.  The green might be the prettiest green I ever did see.

I’m working on plans for the next Rescue quilt.  I pulled it a few month ago and have been letting a quilt pattern based on it stew in my head.  These fabrics combined with others will be for a quilt for my son.  Something string quilt related.  It will be a great way to use up what I have left of these fabrics which is basically just long strips.


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