I am Enough Quilt Along – Pattern 9 – HSTs + HRTs

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We are making lusciousness today!  Patchwork lusciousness!  I must tell you that while learning to make the half rectangle triangles I spent the better part of two weeks cursing at myself.  It wasn’t pretty, BUT here we are on the other side!  I’ve completely washed my hands of troubles and am gazing lovingly over all the pretty shapes.  I really hope you enjoy making these.  All the issues I had are solved and that means smooth sewing for you!


You are Enough

We’ve talked about comparison already, but I think we’ll discuss it again, because it seems to be a constant battle for the majority of us.  I’m hearing about it ALL THE TIME.  My friends say it, my sister says it.  It’s even in my own head, this voice.  I see a woman who posts amazing pictures and has such funny stories that are perfectly written and her house is always clean and she dresses so well.  Does she ever sleep?  Why can’t I be like that?  How is she so perfect?  Why am I such a dud?  She has everything and I’m always struggling.

This is completely unhealthy and based totally on a LIE.

A week or so ago I super cleaned my house and it sparkled and I gazed around and smiled and patted myself on the back and then berated myself later because I didn’t get the quilt I wanted to finish done.  The next week, I cleaned nothing, but sewed the week away and then berated myself for having a dirty house.  Seriously, I’m a human being with only so many hours in the day.  Why am I asking so much of my body?  Down time is allowed.

Everybody is struggling.  Everybody puts their foot in their mouth, everybody makes messes, everybody sleeps, everybody binges something, everyone cheats with a cookie or two or skips the exercise or buys way too much fabric one week, or has a house that’s embarrassing some days, in every single one of us there is a voice in our head fussing about something we did or didn’t do.

Even the woman you think is perfect.





Today’s Lesson

I did my sections today in monochromatic colors or thereabout.  Just in case you don’t know, monochromatic means to use different shades of only one color and all the shades of that color.  I kinda stuck with pinks and oranges and then splashed in a bit of burgundy for one set of blocks and then for another made all shades of blue and green.  I love monochromatic quilts.  It makes fabric choosing easy.

Practice your monochromatic skills by putting the top grouping of half rectangle triangles in one color family and the bottom set in a different one.  Remember that you can completely break the rules and do your own thing if you’d like!



Pattern 9 – Half Square Triangles and Half Rectangle Triangles

You’ve probably made a half square triangle before, probably many times.  It’s one of the very basic shapes in quilting.  This week I’m showing you how to make four-at-a-time half square triangles.  Is it faster?  Maybe.  If it’s faster, it’s not by much.  Still it’s fun to mix things up and since we have so many half square triangles to make…. 20!  These have a little bit more wiggle room than the standard 2-at-a-time I normally make as well.

Have you made a half rectangle triangle before?  This last month I’ve made gobs of them!  They are tricky little devils!  There are some tricks I use in the video that you won’t want to miss to make these easier.  Just remember to organize first since we are putting these in color families.

Onto the pattern!

Click the tab below to download the pattern and get started.  I cannot wait to see what you make!

Click here to download the pattern


Video Tutorial


One note about the video:  When I’m discussing the organization of your rectangles for your HRTs, I keep saying separate your background rectangles and your print rectangles.  This is a slip on my part (sorry!), I should have said your A rectangles and your B rectangles.  You might want to go color on color for your rectangles and your way is the right way!





How great is your quilt now?  I was getting worried that I’d made mine using too many dark fabrics, but now everything is starting to come together and look right.  I might not have to make any changes like I thought I would.  Have fun sewing this round!


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