I am Enough Quilt Along – Pattern 8 – Quarter New York Beauties


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It’s time to take on the Quarter New York Beauties.  I was both excited and nervous making these blocks this round.  Excited because this block is to die for!  Nervous because, well, curves are tricky for me.  I’m pleased to say I made it through to the other side and am just squealing over with excitement.


You are Enough

One of my resolutions last year was to be a more grateful person.  Being grateful is a method to becoming a happier person and having a better attitude.  A trick I read a while back was to replace the word “have” with the word “get” in your inner thoughts.  I don’t “have” to make all these NY Beauties today, I “get” to.  This can translate to every single task or chore that you do today or any other day.  It’s such a small thing, but these small things add up.  Chances are it’s more of our inner thoughts telling us we are not enough than an another person.  Practicing gratitude is a way to keep bad thoughts at bay and to change that pesky voice in our head.  Changing the voice in your head starts with very small steps.

You may be learning how to foundation paper piece and sew curves today for the very first time.  It can be frustrating.  Remember to breathe and remind yourself, you don’t have to learn these skills, you get to.



Today’s Lesson

We are learning how to foundation paper piece and sew curves this round.  As somebody who had MAJOR struggles with this when I first started, trust me when I tell you that you CAN do this.  I promise.  I hated paper piecing the first time I tried it.  I HATED it.  If you fail, do it again, and again, and again.  You will get this.  It may end up not being your thing and you might never enjoy it, but I promise you that you can get the job done.  It’s not my favorite way to sew even now, but I can’t deny all the doors and shapes that paper piecing can open up.

Try to understand what it is paper piecing actually is and how it works and that will help you understand the steps of this skill a bit better.

A Few Things to Remember when Paper Piecing

  • The printed side of the paper is the side you stitch on.
  • Your fabric is always placed on the unprinted side of your paper.
  • The numbers on the template refer to the order you should piece them.  The letters refer to each section.
  • The lines on the paper are what you sew on.
  • When sewing a section, your first fabric always starts face down.  After your first piece, you sew them on face up.

A Few Tips for Sewing Curves

  • Accept that it is not as easy as sewing a straight line and that you may struggle and that is okay.
  • Go slow.  GO SLOW.  We are not in a race.
  • Smaller style pins are the best for this.
  • The more pins you use, the less chance of the fabric on the bottom slipping and messing your 1/4″ seam up.
  • The more you do this, the better and easier it becomes.




Pattern 8 – Quarter New York Beauties

These are pretty slow, I’m not going to lie.  If you’ve never paper pieced before, give one a go, before cutting everything out.  Once you have everything understood, you can cut them all out at once and assembly style these blocks if you want.

We won’t be sewing them into a circle like the picture above, but I couldn’t resist a quick snap of it like that.  I’ve always wanted a full circle New York Beauty quilt.  It’s on the bucket list!

There’s five of these blocks.  They don’t all need doing in a single day.  Spread them out if you prefer.

Onto the pattern!

Click the tab below to download the pattern and get started.  I cannot wait to see what you make!

Click here to download the pattern


Video Tutorial





Helpful Links

Havel’s Tools I use in the video




After our New York Beauties, there’s only one more pattern left!  How are we so close to finishing?


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