Monday Is All About Fabric – #134 – Speckled by Rashida Coleman Hale

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I don’t know about you, but fabric is EVERYTHING! I love buying it, petting it and then gushing with you about it. I’ll show you my latest fabric purchases and where you can buy it too.

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So you know how much I love blenders.  Well, Speckled arrived and I am just plotting and planning, naturally, with what to do with it.  I’ve got an EPP project in mind and I’m hoping all works out and that’s exactly what I get to do.  We’ll see!  I have a tendency to be wishy washy when it comes to my fabric planning.  Ha!

I hope you are doing well today.  Thank you for popping in here.  Let’s have a look at Speckled!





Today’s Fabric Picks

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This Week

So I’m hoping to have a gift guide up on Wednesday or at least by Thursday.  I’m hopelessly slacking this season, but during my busyness I’m also doing a lot of quilt plotting for next year.  I’m hoping y’all will be joining me for some really great quilt alongs.  I’ve got three in my head.  One we’ve done before, but it’s been a while and I get asked about ALL THE TIME.  The other involves some English paper piecing and we’ll just have to see what that other one will be.

Thanks for showing up here and I hope you have a great week!


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