Monday is All About Fabric – #143 – At Home by Bonnie & Camille

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I don’t know about you, but fabric is EVERYTHING! I love buying it, petting it and then gushing with you about it. I’ll show you my latest fabric purchases and where you can buy it too.

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Some fabrics we’ve been waiting a long while for showed up at our door last week!  At Home by Bonnie & Camille.  These were actually chosen for us to purchase by my husband. Lol.  He loved the color palette.

A little behind the scenes:  Sales reps show up every few months to show us fabrics months in advance before the fabric comes out.  They have these large swatches of each collection and they do a little demonstration about each one.  They’ll show us like maybe 15-20 collections at a time and it’s very overwhelming and hard to keep on budget, but MAJOR FUN.

Anyway, I’ll just ooh and ahh and just try to get everything I want, but within budget, while Wade (my husband and fabric cutter and order packer) will be way more practical.  “You know you need more yellows,”  or something like, “How many low volumes do you think you need?”  It’s a push and pull.

Back to At Home, it was he who oohed and and ahhed over this one and I think he got it perfectly right.  It’s so gorgeous!  Let’s have a look.


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This Week

This Wednesday, I have a quilt reveal of my latest rescue quilt.  Very excited to show you that one.  Friday, will be the 8th week of the Para Para quilt along.


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