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How to Hand Applique


In this post, we are chatting about hand applique. I’m posting this during EPP week, but know that though many use hand applique with their English paper piecing, hand applique can stand all on it’s own.  There is no end to all the shapes you can applique.  So this tutorial doesn’t only apply to EPP.  You can use this method for anything you wish to hand applique that has a finished and ready edge.


Supplies for Hand Applique

Clover thimble

Applique needles

Milliners needles

Microquilter thread


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I really love hand applique and I don’t get to do it enough.  It’s so peaceful and very simple.  I’ve gone back and forth with holding the piece in my hand and appliqueing and sitting it on a table and appliqueing.  I’m a bit torn by which way I prefer.  If you had asked me this six months ago, I’d have told you that I am “hold it in my hand” kind of appliquer, but lately, it has worked out so well on this table.

You can find other applique tutorials here.




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