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English Paper Piecing – How to Make a Hexie Flower

Today’s post is part of a week long series covering all things English paper piecing.  This series is in effort to help you along while making the Oh Honey quilt.

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Hexie flowers are probably the most common of English paper piecing, but it doesn’t stop with these little flowers.  There are so many incredible blocks, shapes and patterns out in the world.  You should really go exploring and have a look around.  I particularly like to peruse this hashtag on Instagram.  But back to our sweet little hexie flower….  My grandmothers had so many of these quilts in their homes and it’s become a fixture in my mind of cozy grandmaness and I’m in love with it now every bit as much as I was the first time I figured out how to make one.  Remember this post?

By now, you’ve probably already watched the prior EPP videos and can figure this out without this particular video, but I thought I’d pop it in here anyway just to show you how I make my hexie flowers.


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