The Rescue Quilts – #13 – Grandmother’s Diamond Flower Garden – The Red & Mint One (Progress)

The Rescue Quilt series is about finishing up quilt tops that were never completed.  

The goal is to honor the quilt maker who made the quilt top by completing their project, to not waste good craftsmanship (usually done by hand), to ogle long ago yummy fabrics, and to breathe in a little old inspiration and make it new again.  

You can view all parts of this series here.

Want to get started on finishing your own Rescue quilts?  Here are a few articles to get you started:

I found this one again on Ebay.  I splurged a little on it.  You don’t usually find them so soft and pale and PERFECT and I just couldn’t pass it up.  It was way more than I’d ever paid for a vintage quilt top.  I ended up offering a little less than the seller was asking and was shocked when they agreed to sell it to me.

I soaked it in the bathtub overnight with Dawn as I always do and let it hang on the porch rails for the day.

This one came to me in very good condition.  As I worked on it I did find some minor stains, but I’m hoping they’ll wash out after I finish it up.

So this is another Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  I like this one in particular because of the offset “flowers”.  It’s as if the maker knew that nobody wants to bias bind if they don’t have to and so they planned ahead.  🙂

Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts are a favorite of mine and there’s alway so many of them available on Ebay to find.  It’s another hand stitched one too.  Can you imagine sitting there and sewing all of these hexagons together?  I am in awe!

Did the maker cut them all beforehand or was it cut up as they went along?  Was there a plan?

There had to be, right?  I mean, it’s hard to find these in such minimal colors.  Much easier to find them scrappy, but like this?  A rarity, I think.

I’m rambling, I know.  I desperately want to make this quilt in my own four colors and sit for hours/years working on it.  I think I might just do that.  Nevermind all the other EPP projects I’m working on it.  I’ll just put those to the side and dive straight into a new one.  Typical, quilt maker stuff, amiright?  🙂

Get the Oh Honey quilt pattern!

Back to the quilt at hand…

There’s a sheen to these fabrics that were used that I’ve never seen before.  As if they were brushed with gloss.  When I mentioned it on IG, several people weighed in and said that it might be satteen, but it doesn’t have the feel of satteen.  It feels like quilting cotton with the sheen of satteen.  If anyone knows what it is, I’m interested in hearing from you.

The quilt is a good throw to twin size.  I plan on backing it with this delicious fabric here.  The coloring is absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to show you.

Scrappy Low Volume Backgrounds

View all our Low Volume bundles here.

As I right this post, I’ve been quilting this up for two days now.  I’m using an allover pattern that I woke up one morning thinking about.  I’ll tell you more about it in the reveal post.


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  1. Great find! Great save! Bravo. Love what you’re doing with the quilting so far. Can’t wait to see it done with that gorgeous backing.

  2. Hey…when I started quilting 40-plus years ago, I would sometimes run into this fabric in my search for suitable quilt fabrics (back then there was no such thing as “Quilt Fabric”). It was variably called “chintz” which was usually a print, or “polished cotton” when it was a solid color.
    Your work is lovely, and you are such a sweet inspiration!

  3. I remember a polished cotton back in the late 50’s early 60’s. we lived in the rural area of Missouri and mom ordered a lot thru Sears Roebuck . I had one dress made of this type of fabric

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