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You may remember this quilt. I loved that rescue quilt! Since I didn’t make it though, it wasn’t in MY colors. So I got it into my head that I need to get busy on a flower garden quilt made in the same manner with all the things about that rescue that I loved, but also with colors that I love.

So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve started another English paper piecing quilt. I have no time frame on this one, it’s all very chill. There will be a pattern for it though that I hope to release next year maybe.

If you have never tried English paper piecing (EPP) I have:


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I want to say that I started this quilt about a month ago. It might have been less than that though. I’ve been working quite a bit on each day as I’m anxious to have it on my bed. I’m redoing much of the decor in my house and this is going to go into my new bedroom look very well.

Here’s the fabrics I used:





I’m using 1.5″ hexagons. The same size I used in Oh Honey. I really like this bigger hexagon. Plus, it means that I need less blocks.

This pattern is of course a grandmother’s flower garden quilt. It may seem a bit odd that I’m writing a pattern for this quilt because it’s such a traditional, popular pattern. The thing is though, it’s not for beginners. I know first hand because this pattern is one of the first EPP projects I got started on and I’ve still not completed that project because there were so many choices I made because I was just making it up as I went, that I REALLY wish I had done differently. With this pattern, I’m going to simplify everything. It’s going to go together slowly, but smoothly, and you aren’t going to have to do any guess work on which blocks need rings and which doesn’t.

Plus, and this is my favorite part, after rescuing so many of these quilts, I’ve learned which ones are the easiest way to go as far as that edge.  YES, that hexie shaped edge is gorgeous, but it also means that I have to get going on some bias binding and If I’m being honest, I would just prefer to skip it. On Bohippian (what I’m calling this pattern), you will end up with an edge that does NOT need to be appliqued and has a smooth straight edge that you can whip out your old reliable binding methods.

It will be made exactly like the mint green one I made a few months ago. The only real difference is the size of the hexagons.


My Newest Quilt Pattern

  • Skill Level:  Beginner friendly
  • Available in PDF and Paper booklet
  • Video tutorials
  • Pattern is clickable with lots of helpful links included (including methods for basting, quilting and binding)
  • 3 scrappy quilt patterns included.


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The above pic shows where I’m currently at in progress. I’m LOVING this one. I’m working a little each day. I can’t wait to show you more.


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