Happy Folk Quilt – Gingerbread – 2nd In Progress

Happyfolk Quilt

I last chatted about the progress of my Happyfolk quilt here. I’ve been slow moving on this one. Busy with other lovelies, I guess, but my heart is right here in this one though. It has all my favorite things happening…..low volume, Dresden plates, gold, peach.

I’m in love with the color palette. Which is Pure Gingerbread, Speckled in Melon and all the prints from Soften the Volume.

Find the Happyfolk pattern here.


If you missed my earlier post on this quilt, you’ll find it here. While designing it, I was playing with a “flipped” look. That’s a dumb word to describe it, I know, but that’s what I say in my head, so that’s what I’m going with. Haha.

The colors on one side of the block are different from the colors on the opposite side, but in the peeky hole in the middle they are flipped.

This simple design opens up a lot of places for play as you can see below. Endless design possibilities open up. The pattern I’ve written that releases June 1 will play with only one of those designs, but the pattern that will release to my own shop in December will show you more designs that you can make by twisting or turning your block.

A bit more

The big sawtooth star in the background of this quilt I actually discovered by accident when I was twisting the blocks this way and that while using Illustrator. I squealed when it fell into place. 🙂

Other options would be the blocks becoming giant half square triangles pointing in the same direction. Or even half pointing one way and half the other. There’s a lot of possibilities I could show you, but for now we have our old favorite: the sawtooth star.


I’m planning on quilting this Happyfolk the same way I did on my first Sugar Bear here, with elongated curls, feathers and swirls. I might add a few pebbles too. I haven’t done them before, but I think it would be pretty.

I’m pretty excited about quilting on such a solid-ish background. The quilting should really pop. Fingers crossed!

I’m sure I’ll be showing you this pretty soon. I am anxious to begin!


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