Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt Along – Millie, Josephine and Sadie – #2

Well I am already having too much fun! TOO MUCH FUN! I’m fussy cutting and I think we all know how much extra joy that brings.

This round we have three blocks to complete!

Let’s get piecing!

Get the pattern here if you haven’t already.

Things not to forget:

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I’m using Maureen Cracknell’s Cozy & Magical fabrics and they are the cutest, sweetest Christmas line! You can find them here. We sold out of them in our shop, but they are still available at the link above.

This Round’s Task

This round we are working on the first three blocks: Millie, Josephine, and Sadie. You already have made the star points (last round), so all that needs to be done is to make the centers for each of these blocks, and then combine the centers with the star points to finish the block up.

Millie Block

Millie is the easiest block in the quilt. There’s no piecework for the center. You basically just want to find your biggest fussy cut opportunity and use it for this block.

If you aren’t a fussy cutting kind of quilter, maybe use a nice solid or tonal. This block would also look lovely with some custom quilting.

I like these rulers for fussy cutting, but any 6.5″ ruler will do for this block.

Josephine Block

Josephine is one of my favorite blocks in the quilt. Who doesn’t like a star in a star. This block uses very small fussy cuts, and there’s multiple opportunities to do as shown in my block above.

I like to use a bolder print for my inner star to make it a bit more striking or give it a little more pop.

Use starch to help the inner star points lie down better. Snowballing can be a bit finicky, but starting your fabrics before you cut them and during making will make your finished size more accurate.

Sadie Block

Sadie is super simple. A basic four-patch. The pattern calls for four different squares for the inside, but I chose to use just two instead. I’m trying to maximize the nutcracker men as much as possible. Lol.

I’m already in love with my quilt and I’ve only made these three blocks. Eek! I hope you are feeling the same!

I really like the fact that we have the flying geese already done and don’t have to keep making them. I think it makes for a better flow. I’m also in love with the fabrics I’m using. I’ve never made a Christmas quilt before!

Use the #littlemisssawtoothqal to be eligible for the prizes we are giving away the day before the next round begins! I’ll be personally choosing one winner each week to receive a $25 credit to Meander + Make (worldwide) and Havel’s Sewing will be giving that same winner (US only on the Havel’s prize) a special surprise. All you have to do is post to that hashtag above. Be sure to check your spelling! And post more to have more chances.


  • Carrie won our first giveaway yesterday!
  • Katie’s geese are adorable!
  • April has gotten a jump start and already has Josephine done. Lovely!
  • Oh! These this lovely fall vibe happening in Megan’s geese.
  • These are such beauties from Donna!

Thank you so much for sewing with me!


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  1. Congrats, Carrie, and to all who posted. What a catalog of inspiration. Any many thanks to #janeellenhorton who answered my hashtag posting question. Very kind.

  2. And in the “carefully post when you have a migraine category,” that extra thank you was for @janeedmanphillips for posting assistance. Oops, I had JANE confusion. Grateful!

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