Gentleness – A Low Volume Fabric Collection


My second fabric collection is now available to pre-order with a release date of November 1. AND… it’s a low volume collection!

You know how they are some of my most favorite type of fabrics. I’ve made SO MANY low volume quilts and can’t ever seem to get enough of them. They are so very versatile!

But let’s get into Gentleness…

Where it came from

As you may remember, I spent six-ish months drawing little bits of Earthy Goodness before I ever decided to put it together as a fabric collection.

Gentleness is MOSTLY the little parts of those drawings that didn’t get used in Earthy Goodness. There’s a few new parts too and one that did get used and is getting reused. I’ll tell you more about that below.

In my book, A Life With Quilts, I go into two pages of details about low volume fabrics, the different types of them, how to use them to make a scrappy background, and many of my quilts are specifically written for scrappy backgrounds (Little Miss, A Dresden, Sugar Bear, Hello Posy, Sassy Granny), so having a fabric collection of low volume fabrics on hand seemed like a no-brainer.

A Bit More

In the video below, I go into a lot of detail about each of the prints, so I’ll just tell you a smidgen of info here about them. They are all creamies. No blaring white prints (which I very much dislike). Think much softer, muddier shades of white.

My favorite type of low volume fabrics are the very whispery minimal kind. Think very little color to them. I’ve made Gentleness to be used altogether in a single background if you choose.

Here’s a little video…

The Fabrics

I’m currently taking pre-orders for Gentleness. They are currently available in fat quarter or half yard bundles. After the fabric collection releases they will be available individually as well.


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