We have wide-back fabrics! – SCQ Wide Backs by Melanie Traylor

SCQ Wide Back Fabrics

We are thrilled to offer a selection of wide-back fabrics. SCQ Wide-Backs are now in stock, with five different options currently in stock and more arriving each month. These fabrics are generous 118″ wide and feel as smooth as butter!

You can learn more about the pre-order process and Southern Charm Quilts fabric here.

Why Use SCQ Wide Backs:

  • Wide backs are cost-effective and time-saving, making your quilting process a breeze!
  • You don’t have to piece your backing, which saves you time. Just cut it to the size you need, and voila, your quilt backing is ready to go.
  • Experience the cost-effectiveness of wide-back fabrics! While they may seem pricier per yard, they offer more value for your money. For instance, if you needed 8 1/2 yards for backing, the cost would be 8 1/2 yards x $13.10 =$111.35. However, with a wide back, you would require significantly less yardage. 2 3/4 yards of wide back fabric would be the equivalent of 8 1/2 yards of 42″ wide fabric, and the cost would be 2 3/4 yards x $ 22.85 = $ 62.84, making it a more budget-friendly choice.

SCQ Wide Backs by Southern Charm Quilts

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