Trippy Quilt #6 – The Bright One – Quilt Reveal

Trippy Quilt

I feel like I’ve been working on this quilt forever. It was HUGE! 100 inches square, so you know. I worked my fanny off on it.

It was a commissioned quilt and made with colors chosen by someone else.

Trippy is a part of the Scrappy Pattern Pack (3 quilt patterns), you can find it available here.

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About the Quilt

The pattern wasn’t written for a quilt this large, so I had to add in blocks, but it’s an easier pattern to do the math on, so no problem there. If you’ve ever made Trippy though, you know how time consuming it is. Every single step takes a long time to work through and add in to that 70 additional blocks and I know you get it.

Trippy is a type of Trip Around the World quilt. I wrote the pattern and broke it down in the simplest way I could. I feel like it made it way easier to conquer than your typical TATW quilts. It’s also a bit of an abstract pattern which I LOVE.

I’ve made so many of these quilts… I do prefer to make them smaller than this version though. Lol. 🙂

Colors of red, orange, blue, green and lots of low volume were chosen for this quilt.

The Quilting

I quilted it with a basic meander. That went pretty quickly on my new machine. I think it took around 3 days to quilt it up.

Quilt Details:


Size – 100″x100″. I adjusted the pattern down to 100 blocks. Seems like the pattern has a couple of notes about how to do this.

Top Fabrics – We have a bundle in the shop with similar fabrics right here. All of the fabrics pictured were from stash.

Backing Fabrics Ombre Confetti Wide Back in Natural

BindingField Rows Wheat

Batting Warm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Polylite in Ecru for quilting

Finishing TechniquesBasic Meander, Machine Ditch binding

Skill Level – Beginner

Label Found here

Thanks for reading along with me today. 🙂


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