Patchwork Star and Hometown Honey Runners – Quilt Reveal

Patchwork Sawtooth and Hometown Honey Runners

These two runners were a Christmas gift for my stepdaughter. Making something smaller can be SO VERY refreshing from time to time. I felt inspired and almost giddy while working through these.

And yeah, a pattern is coming, but later, later. For now, keep scrolling and I’ll tell you about these runners.

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Patchwork Sawtooth Runner

This is a smaller runner. I believe I have it measuring 10″x30″. I prefer my runners narrow, so they don’t take away from the surface they are sitting on.

As you may know if you are subscribed to my newsletter, I am working on hosting workshops/courses next year. The Patchwork Sawtooth Runner will be one of those workshops. It’s a really simple pattern and quick! I had the top pieced in about two hours.

I jazzed it up with some ruler work (star outlined) mixed into my FMQ. And then I hand stitched the binding on the reverse side that I normally stitch my binding (since this is a runner and will always be facing up).

I’m pretty proud of this piece. It’s simple, but elegant.

I don’t have a list of fabrics for you, as most of them came from my stash.

Hometown Honey Runner

I based this runner off of a quilt pattern that I’ve already written and to be released mid-2022. My stepdaughter has round end tables and she was wanting something round, so I thought, “I know exactly what to do”. I think they are fun and cute. I’ve made this set a bit bolder, but I am LOVING the gold in them.

They were fun to quilt too! I hand stitched the binding on these as well and used bias binding for them. I have a bias binding tutorial coming sometime in January.

The Hometown Honey Runner will also be a course/workshop next year, so look for that!

Fabrics on this one were

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