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Quilt Reveal – Star Dance Quilt #3

My latest Star Dance quilt is finished.

Here is the thing about this quilt.  It always starts out so lovely.  I’ve picked a nice color palette, great fabrics.  I love the blocks while they are being made, and then once the quilt is on the design wall, I start thinking, “Ugh.”

It’s been this way with everyone of them that I made.  And I’m always thinking that something is just not quite right with this design.

But I’ve figured out what’s bugging me.  It does have pretty blocks.  See them here.  They are sooooo pretty.  So why does it not look good on the design wall?

I think it’s because the blocks get lost.  They are not distinct.  My eye is not sure where one starts and one ends.

Amiright?  Maybe I should use sashing (ugh, I hate using sashing)?  But seriously, I think that would make me love this quilt design more.

This quilt is a custom order, and I keep selling it, so it’s hard for me to change it now.

Maybe I’ll remove it from the shop until I can make one with some borders.

Helpful Links

Pattern for the star dance block (free)

Custom order this quilt (hopefully with the sashing?)

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