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The Basketweave Quilt – Quilt Reveal

I got to playing around with my scraps and a new Basketweave quilt is what became of that time.

This is my second Basketweave, the first precedes the blog, but it wasn’t pretty.  This one is pretty, but something is still not right.

Apparently, I didn’t care.  As you can see I finished it.  But I’ve got some ideas to make this better.


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What’s a Basketweave Quilt?

Basketweave quilt blocks tend to consist of strips.  In a single block, the strips go one way, in the next block they go the other, alternating with every block.  It creates this weaved basket look to it.  Click here if you need a visual.

This is an extremely simple quilt to make and if you are someone who loves sitting at your machine and chain piecing methodically, it’s a great quilt to make.  Sometimes I don’t want to think.  I want to zone out and just push fabric through a machine as just a way to relax.

There’s lots of ways to get this same quilt result.  I know many people love to sew width of fabric strips together, press them, and then cut them into blocks that way.  It’s probably quicker.  It’s just not my way.  I never like my blocks to be the same, so I cut all my rectangles down to size and piece them that way.  It makes each of my blocks look a little different.


My Quilt Patterns


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I actually cut all these fabrics up months ago.  They’ve been patiently waiting on me ever since.  I’m not completely in love with this quilt.  I like it.  I’m glad I made it, but I think if I had been a little more traditional with it that I would like it more.

In traditional basketweave quilts the blocks would all have something in common, like maybe the same color center stripe.  I chose to scatter everything and I think it loses it’s look because of that.  Instead of a basketweave quilt, I feel like I’ve got just a nice scrappy quilt.

I want a redo.


Custom Quilt Labels
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I think I want to do all my first and third strips in low volume and only the middle for colored prints.  Or I’ve even had another idea!

We’ve been working on French Braids this past week in the I am Enough quilt along, and I’m thinking I want to do this same quilt in ombre.  The only thing is that it still wouldn’t have it’s basket weave look to it.  It would use up some scrappy fabrics, and that always gets me excited.  Maybe do both?

We’ll see what happens.

The Pattern

  • Blocks measure 6.5″
  • There are 3 strips in each block.  Each strip measures 2.5×6.5″
  • 100 blocks will give you a 60×60″ throw quilt if you piece them 10 blocks wide and 10 blocks down.



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  1. ooooh I like it! I like that it is both basketweave and scrappy… I’m a fan of not always seeing the actual geometrics right away in a quilt (at first glance). I feel like it pulls me in to take a closer look, which is a good thing when it is a handmade quilt! 😉

  2. It is beautiful! I am a beginner at quilting so this seems a good place to start! Thank you for sharing! I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019

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