There are few quilt blocks I love more than the Dresden plate.  You might have noticed, I make them quite often.  To fuel this obsession even more I’ve decided to dedicate a whole page to them.  On this page you will find how to make them from beginning to end, different styles, and lots more helpful tips.  If you are looking to learn to make Dresdens or just need a bit of inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.



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Getting Started

How to Cut blades with ruler or template




  • Cut a strip of fabric to the height you want your blades.
  • While cutting blades, alternate the direction of your ruler so that you can get the most Dresdens from your fabric strip.  Stash the ones you don’t need in a box labeled “dresdens”.  Save these for a future scrappy quilt.
  • Moving that fabric strip just a little from the Dresden you just cut, helps to get the ruler flush with the fabric on the opposite side you are cutting from.




Making the Plate


Step 1:  Getting the blades ready
  1. Fold each blade in half along the length.  Sew 1/4″ from the edge of the ‘longest’ short side.
  2. When putting the blades in your machine, put them in folded side first.  This way the frayed edges won’t get caught up in your needle and cause you sewing machine distress.
  3. Turn blades inside out.  Use a blunt point to push the corner out.
  4. Press, making sure that the seam on the back of each blade is centered.
Step 2:  Sewing the blades together to form the plate
  1. Sew blades together.  There will be 20 blades per Dresden plate when using the ruler I mentioned above.
  2. Turn Dresden plate upside down, and press all seams to one side.  Tug the plate just a little as you press so that your seams won’t get pressed with a fold. Turn the plate right side up and press again.




My Quilt Patterns


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Adding the plate to your quilt block



  1. Center plate on your background square.
  2. Top stitch around perimeter.  Be sure to back stitch when you start and when you finish to secure your stitches.


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Adding the center to your Dresden plate

  1. Raw edge applique – the easiest and most simplest method
  2. Sashiko stitches – using a basic running stitch and fusible adhesive
  3. Needle turn applique – the cleanest, most traditional method



Quilt Patterns With Dresden Plates

  • A Dresden Quilt – This is my simplest Dresden plate quilt pattern and it’s a free one!
  • Bad Girl – This pattern features quarter Dresden plates and I consider it the yummiest.
  • Morning Sun – This pattern is fun!  Also, you can dip your toes into Dresden plate making without getting bogged down by so many of them.
  • Sunset Quilt – This is a crib pattern that features a half Dresden plate as the sun.
  • Anthologie Quilt – A very cool sampler quilt that I ran as a quilt along.  Features a handful of Dresden plates.


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Looking for more Dresden inspiration?


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