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Quilt Reveal – Hexagon Quilt #5

I feel like I am making this quilt every few weeks now.  It’s popular in my shop.  And I just really love it.  Particular today’s version of it.

So in this version, my customer chose 10 different fabrics, but I added to those fabrics to give it more of a smidgen of scrappy feel.

I think she wanted scrappy, but she didn’t.

So, things are a little more matchy matchy here.  Which is good too!

This is the large throw version of this quilt.  And just in case you haven’t followed my blog for long, I have a tutorial for these quilts in 5 different sizes here.

This size comes together SO much quicker than the queen sizes do!  Naturally!

For a list of the 10 base fabrics used in this quilt, see this board (note this board will eventually be deleted).

On to the finished pictures…

I feel like any day I get to use the color navy blue is a good day.  Being my favorite and all.

a note about quilting

I quilted this one with my usual wandering meander.

I realize to some this might seem like I don’t put much thought into the quilting part of my quilts.  Or this has actually been said to me, which kinda hurt my feelings.  BUT I don’t have a big long arm machine (yet!), so I’m quilting on a standard machine.  The meander not to difficult to accomplish, even a king size, with the exception of a little neck soreness.  And I KNOW that some very creative quilting can also be accomplished on a home machine, but I have always felt like the quilting part of my quilt making is the most therapeutic part.  I have finished a massive labor of love and I just want to unwind, stitch my curling lines and zone out to music or a podcast.  This is one of my favorite parts.  It’s a freeing lackadaisical motion and I love it.  And I hope that comes across.  Each of us should do exactly what we want to do when we make a quilt.

Plus, a meander creates some pretty yummy texture.  Don’t you think?

I’m hoping to do a post soon on ‘backing a quilt’.  I get giddy trying to pair up fabrics for the back and I tend to like them to be completely different from my quilt tops.  I buy fabric in bolts directly from fabric manufacturers to have lots of options on hand.  I also sell them in my shop here, if you are interested, just to get a little help in getting them used.

In my shop is also a listing for half hexies cut and readied for you, just in case you don’t like cutting up quilts.  You can find that option here.  This option is for scrappy quilts, but if you see that I have a line of fabrics that you would prefer to have for your hexagon quilt just let me know and I’d be happy to use particular fabrics that you are partial to.

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  1. I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with a meander. It’s my go-to as well. I actually prefer it for all the reasons you stated. I also prefer a looser quilting so the quilt isn’t so stiff. It doesn’t matter how much effort is put into the quilting part. It’s finished and if you like it, it’s perfect!!

    I’ve been sitting on a fat quarter because I didn’t know what pattern to use. Now I know! Thanks ?

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