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Quilt Finish – Star Dance Quilt

I’ve been working on this quilt all of last week.  Not the one you see above my sewing machine, that’s a WIP, but the one you see at my machine.

It’s a simple block, but I had to make 81 of them for a king size quilt, so it took me a bit.

Here are a few of my favorite blocks:

This one is for a custom order I have and the colors requested were pink, green, turquoise and navy.  I am digging the fabrics I pulled for this one.  Lots and lots of florals.

The block measures 12.5″ unfinished.

Block Pattern

From fabric A: cut (2) 5″ squares

From fabric B: cut (4) 4.5″ squares

From background fabric: cut (2) 5″ squares and (1) 4.5″ squares.

Use the 5″ squares to make 4 half square triangles.  Trim down to 4.5″.

Then layout your block in the way shown in the pictures above.

Easy peasy.

I think the way I’m making this quilt makes it hard to see the pattern.  That might be why I LOVE the blocks, but am kinda iffy on the quilt.  Or this is how I’m feeling when I lay my quilt out on my design wall.

But I think the reason is that I have a hard time seeing the pattern.  If I had made all the HSTs in a dark color and all the squares in a lighter shade, I might see the pattern better.

But by the time I pull it from the dryer I’m just seeing pretty fabrics.

This one was from a mix of stash and scraps.

A handy dandy printout

I feel like I add the same things over and over again.  I’m constantly figuring out the same math problems.  So I made me a chart so I could stop doing that.  Maybe you could use it as well?

Just in case it is not obvious, the chart is for quilts that uses 12.5 unfinished blocks.  The sizes of the quilts are all my favorite sizes, but work perfectly with 12.5″ blocks.

The “# of blocks” column is how many blocks you will have to make.  And the “layout” column is how you will lay your blocks out across than down.

I will be printing mine out and then taping it to my wall.

If you too want to print a copy of this spreadsheet out, right click on it, click ‘open image in new tab’, then click ctrl+P.  It’s not too big so you can tape it up on your wall and not look terrible.



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  1. Never fear. This one is a stunner! You have done it again. ❤️ Good job. I know what you speak of…. all those hours, and all that fabric. You never really know, even after all that planning. But 99%, it works out great, and in a dynamic way. We have a very odd calling in life, lol. All that suspense!

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