Monday is all about fabric – #14 – Liberty Society May

You might have noticed that I didn’t post anything last week.  I was on an adventure and took some time off (more later).

When I did arrive home once more this bundle was waiting on me.  I had spent a week being surrounded by snow capped mountains and came home to eighty degrees + humidity and a dirty house.

I saw this package lying on top of a big stack of mail so I rushed to open in it.

What a way to soften the stress that always awaits you when being away.

One look at this colorful bundle and who could not be cheerful, even with a mountain of dishes in the sink.

(the quilt in the background is all Liberty fabrics made for me by Laura Hartrich)

Back in April, I received my very first Liberty Society bundle from Ava and Neve.  Here is that post.  Since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next months bundle.

This is part of a fabric club.  You receive 10 prints every month.  There are two options for sizes with two different prices to fit your budget.  I’m in the Ava Liberty Society which is $30 AU a month, postage included (ends up a little cheaper in US dollars, like around $24 at the current exchange rate), and I receive a 9×13″ cut of 10 different fabrics all Tana Lawn.

It’s a great way to build up your Liberty stash without depleting all your funds.

I gushed and gushed about the feel of Liberty fabrics the last time I discussed them, but seriously THEY FEEL AMAZING!

Join the club here!

This month’s bundle is bright and colorful and summery.

If you are addicted to tiny florals, these fabrics are for you.

Here is a list of what we are looking at:

Corrallium A

Amelie A

Silver Bells B

Tree Tops B

Flock A

Mitsi B

Felicite A

Betsy D

Rosalind C

Wiltshire E

One thing I really like about Ava & Neve is that they sale bundles.  So let’s say that I just want a bunch of Betsy prints, which happens to be my favorite, I can browse the bundles here.  All the Betsy prints are bundled up here.  Plus, let’s say that you were not a member of Liberty Society, but there came a month that you really loved, she usually has them for sale too.  Here is March, here is May.

June’s bundle should be arriving in a few weeks and guess what?  I got to choose the prints for A&E!  Yes!  I was so surprised/excited when Martina asked me if I’d like to pick out 10 prints.  I literally started scouring their website as soon as the words were typed into the message.  So prepare yourself for my summery florals and I might have even snuck in a navy floral.  How could I not have?  Maybe a red.  Maybe something delicate and dainty.  I’m gonna hush now so I don’t ruin the surprise.

Psst, there may or may not be a secret stash of M&Ms in my little floral Brighton tin.  Don’t tell!

Now that I have received two bundles of the Liberty Society this is what my stash looks like.

I’ve actually cut into them already for a new quilt pattern that releases mid-month.  All done in Liberty.  And just perfect for the size cuts that you receive from the Liberty Society.

Sneak peeks should be popping up soon.

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