Monday is all about Fabric – #89 – More Tanya Whelan prints

Today’s post is part of a series on this blog every Monday.

I don’t know about you, but fabric is EVERYTHING!  I love buying it, petting it and then gushing with you about it.  I’ll show you my latest fabric purchases and where you can buy it too.  

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Every time when Tanya Whelan fabrics arrive I can’t stop thinking of spring and summer and blooming rose bushes.  I think how I need more hydrangeas in my life and how lovely it would all look if I was walking through this lovely garden in my mind and wearing a white crochet lace dress that drug the ground and while hiding my bare feet.  I’m usually carrying a basket in the vision and cutting flowers at will.

Sounds dreamy!  And FAR from the truth of my actual flower beds which are by the way currently covered in leaves that simply won’t stop falling.

I’m getting rambly.  Let’s move on!

Today we are discussing some shabby florals I just got in.  Let’s have a look….


Here’s what we are looking at

There’s a few I’m missing on the list above that have already gone out of stock.  But if you need more, have a look here.  I don’t think you could go wrong mixing any of these together.  They are just a perfect fit.

For obvious reasons this one is my favorite.  Tiny floral low volumes.  Yes!!!!


The Carolina Mingle Quilt

[easy-image-collage id=17460]

Get the Pattern


This Week

On Friday we are getting a new I am Enough quilt along pattern.


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