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Orange Peel Quilt #7 ( Quilt Reveal )

It feels like I’ve been working on this quilt for weeks.  Maybe I actually have been.  I posted some progress pics and a new interfacing source here last week.

The steps on this quilt are a little long and repetitive so I usually break this one down into, cut a few, sew a few, cut a few, sew a few, instead of my normal cut all the things and then sew all the things.  Because one can only hover over a zig zag stitch for so long.

One thing I did do differently on this one than all my other orange peel quilts is I sat with my family and watched TV or sat outside and socialized while hand cutting the orange peels out.  It made it feel less or a chore and more of something I like doing.  Anytime, you can turn a chore into a joy, I say go for it.

This quilt was full/queen size.  There are (56) 12.5″ blocks laid out in 7 rows across, and 8 down.  Final measurement being 84×96″.

I have a tutorial for this quilt here in sizes from crib – king.

I quilted over it in a meander pattern.

This is the quilting pattern I do most consistently.  When I get to the quilting phase of quilt making, I just want to unwind, stop thinking so much and just quilt, so that’s why I keep coming back to such a simple design.  It feels therapeutic after all the long hours I’ve put into this quilt.

Finished Pics

For the peels, I used my scraps.  I pulled strips that were at least 3.5″ wide in colors of blue, turquoise, teal, and navy.  If you are new to quilting and looking to build your stash, consider purchasing scrap bundles or destash fabrics from.  There are several pretty bundles available here.

For the background squares, I pulled from my stash of low volumes and yellows and golds.  Each individual square is 6.5″ unfinished.

Find low volume fabrics here.  Yellow here.


For binding, I’ve chose Island Droplets by Angela Walters from Art Gallery Fabrics.  You might have noticed, I use that fabric often.  I really like it and it was perfect for this quilt, I think.

For backing, and I know I didn’t get a good picture that shows it off, but I used several end of bolts, but I also used this Bonnie Christine fabric in a big way (I promise to try to do better about taking pics of quilt backs).

Quilt Pattern Details and Helpful Links

Size – 84×96″ (full/queen)

Blocks – (56) 12.5″

Each individual block is made up of (4) 6.5″ square

Cutting  – (224) 6.5″ blocks and (224) orange peels.  Template found here.

Orange peel quilt tutorial can be found here.

View all my orange peel quilts here.

Purchase an orange peel quilt here.

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