Good Girl Quilt #7 – in Earthy Goodness – Quilt Reveal

Good Girl Quilt

So excited to have this one finished! Making a quilt with fabrics I’ve designed (majority of) has been mind-blowing. And I think doing so will actually help me get better at designing them. Fingers crossed anyway.

Find the Good Girl pattern here.

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About the Quilt

I think this is just a fun, no stress pattern to take on and SERIOUSLY EASY. It’s a simple quilt, yes! BUT sometimes that is just what you need.

I got to play with the Earthy Goodness fabrics even more on this quilt. All the low volumes are from Earthy Goodness and the majority of the foreground is too.

Since I normally like this quilt in monochrome, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it in these fabrics, but turns out it doesn’t matter as much as it does in my head. All the browns and oranges still came to the surface, I think with the other shades of fabrics adding interest.

Normally, say when I make it in all blues, the darker fabrics rise to the surface with the lighter ones adding interest. I think it takes on that same look even when not done in monochrome. This might actually be the first Good Girl quilt I made without being done in monochrome, so I could be overthinking the whole thing.

Regardless, I’m in loooooovvvve.

The Quilting

I quilted this one with a little bit of everything in my FMQ library. I wasn’t overly pleased with it, but once you pull a quilt from the dryer, it really doesn’t matter. The crinkles come along and steal the whole show.

My FMQ still feels a little clunky to me and I’m still having trouble deciding what design goes with what. I feel like I’ve stalled when it comes to growing these skills and it’s a crap shoot on whether I like what I’ve done or not.

My pebbling however has gotten much better and neater. I can see the growth there. I also like the big clam shell flowers I made on this one. My elongated swirls could use a class, I think. They need work.

I bound this one using my chunky stitch binding method. LOOOVVVVEEE! The binding is called Ombre Stripe Cool (by me). This is the first time I’ve gotten to use this as binding (exactly what I designed it for).

Quilt Details:

PatternGood Girl

Size – 58″x62″

Top FabricsEarthy Goodness

Backing FabricsOlive Adel in Autumn wide back

BindingOmbre Stripe Cool

Batting Warm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Polylite in Ecru for quilting

Finishing TechniquesFree motion quilting, Chunky stitch binding

Skill Level – Beginner

Label Found here

Thanks for reading along with me today. 🙂


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  1. Very pretty and I love your quilting designs. As soon as your fabrics come back in stock I will order some more but I haven’t decided which quilt to make with them.

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