Monday is all about fabric – #37 – Liberty Society

Hey, sweet friends.  It’s Monday again, and you know what to do.  Make yourself a cup of tea (I’m drinking ‘hot cinnamon sunset’) and get cozy.  It’s fabric talking time.

The weeks are just passing by like a blur.  Kinda.  I did something extreme today.  I cut my bangs.  Yah!  Like thick bangs….and I did it all by myself…..ugh.    I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and so today I just did it.  I probably should have waited and let a professional tackle the job, but you know, sometimes you just can’t wait.  It’s not terrible.  It’s just not great.  I’m not crying (I have cried over a haircut though).  I haven’t had bangs since I was eight, and I look like a whole other woman.  We’ll give it a few days before I start stressing.  It’s not like I leave the house a whole bunch.  I can hibernate until they grow out, I’m sure.  I think I kinda like it though.  We’ll see.  I’m quite fickle at times.

My monthly bundle of Liberty Society came in this week.  And it’s as if the gals over at Ava & Neve know exactly what kind of color palette mood I’m in.  This couldn’t have come at a better time!

I have a new quilt pattern coming out called Heaven’s to Betsy to be released the first week of December.  I’ve already sent it to the pattern testers and this week I’m cutting up my own version of this quilt (you’ll get to see a pic soon).  This quilt will actually be for my own bedroom and the color palette is kinda muddy and dark.  Moody with plum and violet.  Is it just me or is the purple family always a bit moody.  I’m going to be mixing many of my Liberty Society prints with some old Denyse Schmidt.  If you are thinking, “huh?”, just give me a bit, you’ll see.  It’s going to look great.

This month’s Liberty Society

Liberty Society is a monthly subscription club.  You receive 10 prints every month.  The club is designed to help you build your Liberty stash economically.  Ready more details about Liberty Society here.  Lust over all things Liberty here.

This month’s bundle included (you’ll notice that some of the links are not active, this is because some prints are only available as part of the Liberty Society Club):

Strawberry Thief


Field Feathers


Jane’s Meadow

Wild Flowers

Silver Bells

Silhouette Mortimer




Support a small shopAva & Neve Liberty Art Fabrics Brisbane

I’ve been receiving the Liberty Society club bundles now since early spring 2017 and I’m so happy to be a member of this club.  I love these beautiful florals arriving at my door each month.


This print, called Ciara, is my favorite of this month’s bundle.  I love the dark background and the pops of raspberry.

This print would be my second favorite.  I like the violet color.  This one is definitely going to be included in my Heaven’s to Betsy quilt.

Join the Liberty Society here and receive your own monthly bundle of Liberty of London fabrics.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you about my new teacup!  It’s a Liberty of London teacup.  I saw it in Anthro last weekend while visiting my stepdaughter and literally gasped out loud.


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