Monday is all about Fabric – #56 – Nest + Blenders from AGF

Let me just squeal for a minute here……… (insert squealing and hand clapping!)

I am so excited to get these!  That’s an understatement if I ever said one.

But wait, first things first.  Go make your tea (or coffee), get comfortable, and cover yourself with a quilt.  Ready?  Let’s gush!

Today we are talking about the Nest fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics, plus a few of their blenders.


Sulky.com Thread & Stabilizers

Sometime during May and June, I’ll be participating in a blog hop for the Modern Sewcialites.  Art Gallery Fabrics is one of the sponsors and I have to make a quilt for the hop.  They wanted us to choose one of their Capsule collections and then choose a few blenders to mix if we wanted.  Lemme show you what the options were and you can tell me how I did with my choices.

So I chose a few of the “Nest” collection and then added in some blenders for color (Nest is all black and white with a bit of gray).

Here’s what you see in the fabric above that I chose:


Nesting Box Mystery Quilting Box



I’m tasked with making this block (in a much bigger size) and much more of them for a throw quilt  They make a great secondary design when the blocks are repeated.  BUT I’m going to slide these panels in place of a couple of the blocks.

My questions to you is:  Do I want to embroider over that adorable bear and sheep and make it even cooler?  Maybe even put a few flowers on the bears hat?

Imagine me doing lots of giggling here.

Not sure if time is going to be an issue, so we’ll see.  More on this soon.

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      1. Couldn’t sleep tonight so I’m sitting here watching several of your tutorials. Great!!!!!! Haven’t attempted machine quilting yet but am going to start practicing soon.

        1. When I first started learning I made up a bunch of 10” square quilt sandwiches and practiced the free motion technique and then turned all those into pot holders.

  1. i love these fabric posts! it helps me see them so much better that in their photos on various etsy websites… like those circle blenders…i wouldnt have guessed those were so pretty, but i love those and YES, to flowers on that cute little bear’s hat!! so cute!!

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