Monday is all about fabric – #39 – Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell

Let’s sip tea and get comfy

Hello, Reader…

I’m drinking Joy by Tazo this morning.  It’s strong, but has a really nice holiday feel to it.  I added just a tad of honey.  I’m feeling all warm and cozy because of it, it’s kinda floral.  It was sent to me by my sweet friend, Anna.  I like getting teas from others.  I rarely explore when it comes to tea when left to my own devices.  I have promised myself to start trying new teas though, so we’ll see how that goes.

Today we are going to be gazing and petting Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell from Art Gallery fabrics.


Today’s fabric picks


Garden Dreamer is not Maureen’s newest collection, but I’ve wanted it since I first saw it debut.  It just took me a bit to get there.  I have to be honest here, I’m quite the fan girl when it comes to Maureen.  I rarely buy the whole collections, but I have tons of her fabrics and have used them quite a bit.  I love her delicate florals and truly I love everything she does, particularly when it comes to all the hand made items she produces.  Those herringbones and feathers she makes.  Um, wow!

But let’s get to the fabric….

You are looking at:

You can buy the bundle here in fat quarter or here in half yard.

Support a small shop

Southern Fabric is a great shop!  If you are into buying fabric by the bundle instead of curating your own bundles this is your shop.  I’ve never seen so many bundles before.  There are plenty of pre-cut options, a clearance section, scrap bags and everything is so neatly organized.  I like organization in my fabric shops!  Also, this Blueberry Park bundle, Chroma, or ohmygoodness this one!


I’ll tell you, Reader, for me Garden Dreamer is all about this bee fabric.  Seriously!  Did you ever see a cuter bee?  No, you did not!

The florals!  I think I like Maureen’s fabrics so much because everything looks so hand drawn and I’m into that sorta thing.  The lighter fabric is my fave!


Fat Quarter Shop Daily Flash Sale



These kinda prints are always my favorite in any collection.  The one with the delicate print that’s usually small.  Sigh…..

Though these kind of fabrics are not what I naturally tend to gush over, I find that they are the easiest to use when making a quilt.  I don’t have to think hard about what color they are or what colors I’m adding to the quilt.  I like tonals very much for this reason.  They can’t all be florals, ya know.  You have to have some of these in your quilt to rest your eyes a bit.



Two more prints from this collection.  There is only one low volume, but it sure is pretty!

And then this is the final print.  And this one is interesting to me because of the possibilities it opens up.  I’d like to see it used in a quilt and how it got used for it’s intended use.  It’s a single border print, and I don’t know about you, but I find them tricky.  They are obviously more intended for clothing and you can see why, but what if it was a border for a quilt?  Regardless, I love the colors, plus one side is LV, so there is that.



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