Monday is all about Fabric – #40 – Denyse Schmidt fabrics – What is it about certain fabrics that make us act like we’ve never used fabric before?

Let’s sip tea and get comfy


Hey friends.

This morning I’m drinking cinnamon tea (my favorite) and one I’ve talked about many times.  There is sweet clove in this tea, and kinda in the middle for body.  If you are new to tea drinking, this one is a good way to get addicted.  I don’t go long without a cup of it.

This morning I’ve gone deep, deep inside my drawer and pulled out my Denyse Schmidt fabrics, particularly I’ve pulled out Hope Valley.


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Today’s fabric picks


I did not get any new fabrics in last week.  In fact, I had a massive amount of fabric going out the door.  I rearranged my sewing room and cleaned up my fabric drawers.  I did a destash on IG last week and moved 100 lbs of fabric to people mostly all over the US.  If you were someone who purchased fabric from me, thank you!  Most of this fabric had been sitting unused and unloved and I’m happy to find them all a new loving home.  All that was leftover from the destash was donated to charity quilt makers.

While cleaning though, I did run across some hidden gems.

Isn’t that the way it goes?  If you purchase lots of fabric or if you have a pretty big stash, you forget what you have.



This fabric I did not forget I had.  I knew it was tucked away apart from all the rest of my fabric stash.  It’s special, you see.  So special in fact that I’ve hidden it from myself.

It was back in 2011 that I purchased this fabric.  That’s when it first came out and that’s how long I’ve been hoarding it.  Does that make me silly?  What is it about certain collections that make us act like we’ve never seen/touched/used fabric before?  It’s just fabric like all the other fabrics I’ve bought, yet this bundle needs to be kept hidden.

Am I worried about another quilter taking it from me?  No.

Am I worried about not being able to buy it again?  While this is actually true for some of the prints in my picture above, it’s not true for all of themHope Valley by Denyse Schmidt is still available here.


Product SpotlightIf you are joining me over at the Bari J Quilt Along post today you know it’s all about fussy cutting.  This fussy cut ruler set is from Fons & Porter and appears to me the best price for the most different size rulers.  Maybe this is something you don’t have, but need?  Purchase here.  I have a You Tube video where I demonstrate how to fussy cut here.



So what is it then?  Here is what it is in my own head:  I love this fabric collection.  It’s one of the first fabric collections I every purchased.  I find the colors to be breathtaking.  I like the vintage look to this fabric.  I’m worried about there not being anymore of this fabric even though I’ve already shown you that you can still buy it.  I’m also incredibly worried about not getting it into the most perfect quilt.

I think many of us can say that about some fabric collection that we have in our stash.  I don’t want to waste it.

I like to tell myself that I’m pretty good at breaking up a collection from it’s bundle, spreading it into my stash by color and using it like it’s no big deal.  I do this quite a bit and I know I can do it.  It’s those bundles that you don’t break up that you have a hard time using, not the single fabric in your stash.  Or this is how it is for me (probably best to make a note about your own fabric tendencies).

So now I have two things happening with my Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt:  I have the fact that I’ve left it in a bundle which makes it not quite as easy to use (for me) and I’ve kept it so long that I’ve grown emotionally attached to it.




I think that is the real issue here.  If I use it, then I don’t have it to pull from my drawer, pet, sigh lovingly at, and then tuck away once more like the hoarder I truly am.

Reader, I’m going to use it.  Six years is a very long time to have something so pretty hidden away.  I’m going to use it.  I’m going to use it in a quilt for myself that way I can still pet it and do the sigh lovingly thing.  I’ll put this quilt on my bed and be happy everyday when I go in and see it there.  IT WILL NOT GO BACK INTO THAT DRAWER.

Now that I’ve put this out into the world, I simply have to do it.  Otherwise, I’m just that girl who says things and never follows through.  It will be cut up within just a few days.  Just you wait and see.


Support a small shop

Stash Fabrics


Visit Stash Fabrics here.  Prepare for eye candy fabrics!  Prepare to oogle and squeal.  I could sit and look at the pretty pics in their shop all day.  This LV bundle in particular makes me super happy!  And look they have some Denyse Schmidt fabric bundles very similar to the coloring of my Hope Valley.


What quilt am I going to use it for?  My new quilt pattern, of course.  Here’s a preview of what my sweet testers have been busy with.

Hoping to release this late this month.  I’ve been stalled by my own doings.


A Giveaway



Winner is Sherri M.  Sherri, please contact me with your details on my contact page.  Congrats!

I don’t normally do many giveaways on my blog, but it’s Christmastime and I’m so very grateful for you showing up here this year to read my little ramblings and being so encouraging and supportive.

I have a little side scrap bundle of my Hope Valley collection.  25+ pieces of it to be not so exact and they all measure roughly 9″ square.  One winner will be chosen randomly.

To be eligible you must:

  • leave a comment below
  • be signed up for my monthly newsletter (also can do below)
  • repost any of my images above on IG and tag me, be a follower of mine on IG and leave a comment on today’s post there (the pic of the fabric above) in my feed as well.


Winner will be announced on Friday, December 8, 2017.  You are responsible for finding out if you won which I will announce in an edit of this post and on IG.  Contact me with your address within 48 hours.  Open internationally.




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  1. This is the first collection that I ever bought the entire collection and then some. I quilt I have had on my bed for the past 6 years has this entire line. The quilt is looking a bit rough, would love to make a second version for the next 6 years with these beauties!!

  2. I can see why you have hoarded this beautiful fabric! I’m the same way. When I have one that I love too much, I have to save it to create something just for me!

  3. I have a few scraps of this I have received in various swaps, but not the whole collection. I am busy planning how to use all my DS fabrics in a quilt next year. Hope you find the courage to use yours.

  4. I too have a hard time using bundles of fabrics. I have one of Anna Maria Horner’s – Good Folks – that I’ve had for years. I typically don’t make quilts with one fabric line, so I think that’s one thing that stops me, but also finding the perfect pattern to do justice to the fabrics. I can’t wait to see your version of Heavens to Betsy with your precious bundle.

  5. This rings true for me too. I hoard because I’m so afraid of choosing the wrong pattern that doesn’t do the fabric justice. Then, without fail when all is cut and done, I come across the ‘perfect’ pattern that I wish I would have used instead. Hopeless!

  6. Hi. Hi. I can relate to this whole blog. I am going to use so many of my fabrics that I just had to have. The plan is this spring to use them. I think these should be added to my “TO USE” this spring. Hahaha! ????

  7. I first fell in love with the Hadley collection, which was around the time I started quilting. I was not much of an orange fan, but I think Denyse has the BEST orange I have ever seen. Since then, I have filled a 66qt tote and working on my 2nd 66qt tote of DS fabrics!!! My mom helped…ALOT! She has become a DS fabric ‘expert’ LOL! I plan to make myself a quilt…or five. I have a little bit of Hope Valley, and bits of other collections. The only full collections I have is Hadley and New Bedford…I think. Have fun making your quilt! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I hope to be as honest with myself, someday, as you have been about your stash 😉 For now, I am in search of that ‘perfect’ quilt pattern, or some version of my own design with flying geese and RK Essex Linen.

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