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My seam ripper is my bestie + Swoon Quilt #6 ( quilt reveal )

I’m officially decorated for Christmas.  Notice how late I am.  Again.  It’s the same every year.  The truth of the matter is if I lived all by myself, I would probably buy a few more pink poinsettias and a Norfolk pine and call it a day.  My whole house and multiple rooms is now swathed down in Christmas decor, but it’s only for the family.  Maybe if they helped, I’d get into it more.  There was a time when I loved it.  These are the woes of being a mom of teens.

But you are here for the quilts….

I made another Swoon commissioned quilt.  You might have seen me making this on IG.  This is the quilt I was making and got all my blocks finished, only to find that every single one of my corners were turned the wrong way.  Have you done this before?  It’s infuriating.  When you realize what you’ve done, first comes the surprise, the “no, no, no”.  Then, the realization, that “YES, you did mess up big.”  After that, you start thinking about all the hours spent on your blocks.  How could you mess up that big?  How could you get every single block wrong on a quilt that you’ve made 5 times before.

Feel free to walk away here and come back later, but like I said this was a commissioned quilt for me, it needed doing.

Anytime I’m stressed or angry and cussing myself for being human, I like to put on the lavender.  I have one of these little pretties and I’ve only been using oils since Jan. 2017, but I’m completely hooked now.  The lavender is a natural de-stresser.  The scent is heady and heavenly.

Then, it’s just time to take a deep breath and pull out your seam ripper and just start doing.  I can make this step miserable by continuing to fuss at myself or I can let it all slide away and try to find some enjoyment ripping out my stitches.  I don’t know if I found enjoyment, but I did turn a podcast on and forced myself to let things slide away.


Product Spotlight

I actually don’t have one of these nice seam rippers.  I have just a basic one that comes with the purchase of a sewing machine.  You know the really uncomfortable kind to use.  But this is on my list of things I need to purchase and they are very inexpensive, so I don’t know why I don’t have one.


I’m very happy with this Swoon quilt.  More so than the other one I’ve made.

I never got the chance to show you the last Swoon quilt I made, where I changed things a bit.

I purchased my Swoon quilt pattern forever and ever ago.  I took this class on Craftsy in my early days of moving from basic patchwork squares to more difficult piecing.  There’s a lot of pieces and I have always found this block challenging, just because I find it easy to get confused as I tend to make all my blocks at once instead of one at a time.  I simplified it to use squares instead of all those flying geese.  Now it comes together much quicker for me.

After doing so, somebody told me that Camille had already done that to the pattern here with smaller blocks.  So all my time figuring out the math had already been done for me, if I’d only purchased the latest edition of the pattern.  Que, sera, sera.  I’m passing this info along in case you are unaware as I was.


Support a small shop

Visit Serendipity Woods here.  If you are in to building up your stash with smaller pieces, check out the Sweet 16 bundles here.  I really like those.  This shop as well has a large pattern section.  I can’t stop gazing at this pattern in particular.


Fabrics Used:

I used a pale blue solid for my binding and for the backing I used Central Park Breeze from Leah Duncan and Bee Keeper in lime by Bonnie Christine.



Quilt Pattern Details

4 Swoon blocks measuring 24″.  Pattern is here, but I’ve altered it.

4.5″ cheater sashing.  Find my cheater sashing method here.

Quilt measures 60×60″.



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  1. I clicked on your link for the aromatherapy diffuser and as it turns out I bought the exact same one last year! Big fan of essential oils and breathing slowly. 🙂

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