The Twirl Quilt, a very pale finish ( quilt reveal )

Hey friends!  I finished a quilt!  Isn’t that just the best feeling by the way?  Don’t you just want to throw confetti in the air?

Every time I finish one quilt, my mind is so cleared up by the completion and allows for more space in my head for the next quilt (the one I was already thinking of when I started this one).  I realize that this is just a circle going round and round.  I guess that makes me the hamster.  I can live with that.

 This quilt was a customer request.  I can’t take credit for any choices made except for the few scraps I added to it.

The pattern is called Twirl quilt.  You can purchase the pattern here.

It’s a pattern by Fig Tree and Company, Joanna Figueroa.

This is a different take on the traditional maple leaf quilt.  What I like about it so much is that the leaves have a more spread out quirky feel to them and then that applique stem is EVERYTHING!  That’s what makes it so lovely, right?  The “twirl” of the stem.  My opinion, anyway.


Product Spotlight

Vintage Daydream Rollie Pollie by Design by Dani for Riley Blake Designs

Material: Cotton Fabric

Packaged by Riley Blake w/original Ribbon

Manufacturer: Riley Blake
Collection: Vintage Daydream
Designer: Design by Dani
Size: Rollie Pollie contains 40 •
2 1/2″ strips (2.5″ x 42″)
100% Premium Cotton

Purchase here.




I’ve used almost exclusively Riley Blake fabrics.  To be exact I used the Vintage Daydream fabric line and added a few scraps as well.  The pattern calls for a jelly roll which you can purchase here if you are interested.

This pattern was a nice constant chain piecing and pressing quilt.  You know, the relaxing ones.  Not a lot of thinking is required of you.  You can zone out to your favorite podcast or show and just chain piece your heart away.

I will confess to some mess-ups along the way.  In the very first step, I sewed half the pieces the wrong way and didn’t realize until they were already pressed and trimmed.  Big mistake!  I had to get out my hand seam ripper and unpick for forever and re-do.

I try my bestest not to get mad at myself when these things happen.  I tell myself to take a deep breath and do it again.  I don’t like for outside forces to ruin my sewing time, especially my own angry thoughts.  The older I get the better I seem to be at this….

The applique stems are, and I mentioned this already, my favorite part.  The pattern taught a method of freezer paper, which I’ve never bought in my whole life.  I don’t even know what freezer paper is used for!  So I just used my fusible adhesive that I always use.  I pressed them on and finished the quilt up.  When it came time to quilt, I went around the edges of the stem.  Two birds, one stone.

Before any of that though, another stumble of mine came along and I can honestly say that I still haven’t figured out where I went wrong.  The quilt calls for a checkered boarder, but the pieces didn’t fit properly so I had to do some fudging.  You will notice it if you look closely.  I recounted several times, checked my measurements, and I just DON’T KNOW.

I spoke about this in my IG Stories and nobody could find it, so I’m going with it!

My friend, Kathy, told me this cute saying this past week:  If you can see it going 30 mph as you pass it, then you might need to change it. <—–I’m pretty sure I just butchered that expression!  Maybe it’s: if you can’t see it going less than 30 mph…… I don’t know, but you get it!


Support a small shop

 Bobbie Lou’s Fabric Factory is one of my favorite fabric shops.  Right now there are 500+ different fabrics on sale there and I definitely spied some Heather Ross in the mix.  Also, fat quarters for only $2.50 a piece!  And this skirt is my cart, I REALLY want to make it.  The only thing holding me back is that I don’t tuck shirts in, so I’m not sure it will flatter me.  Thoughts?

Visit the shop here.





I’m in love with the soft colors on this quilt.  I love when my customers choices are right on cue for my own likes.  Although, I will admit that I’d probably have used low volume instead of the white solid.  Still, the colors are so me!


In need of a quilt label?

 You may or may not know that I make and sell custom quilt labels.  There are a variety of styles and shapes to suit your needs.  Choose one and have it customized for you, or send me all your own ideas!  Even your logo can be added to your quilt label.

This is the perfect extra touch for that special quilt you are giving to someone that you love.

Browse quilt labels here.




I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


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  1. That’s a beautiful finish, such soft vintage inspired colours. My grandad had a saying ” a blind man would be pleased to see it” which I use when I make a mistake, that isn’t really terribly noticeable.

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