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Quilt Reveal – The Good Girl Quilt

Oh, this quilt!

I’m really digging it.  I’m not sure if it was just the colors chosen that really suit my style, the abundance of low volume which I know you know I’m into, the incredible beauty of all those blue AGF fabrics or just the simplicity of it, but I’m going to put this down as one of my personal favorite makes.

And I believe it’s all those things that I love coming together.





I needed a quick quilt to make for a wedding shower I’m attending in a few weeks, and this was exactly like.  There’s lots of chain piecing, which is something I love to do, plus very little thinking s required of this quilt.  If you really just want to zone out and get your creativity in, this is a great quilt to do that with.  Also, it uses up those leftover jelly rolls that you have lying around.

Let’s talk about the yummy fabrics…

You’ve seen me purchasing lots of bundles of AGF fabrics over the last several months.  I like to buy half yard bundles.  Once you cut what you need from those bundles, I’m always left with these leftover strips of fabric that there’s not a whole lot to do with them

I don’t actually ever buy jelly rolls.  I’m not crazy about the limitations of them, personally, but I still keep all my leftover strips from half yard cuts.  Therefore, I actually have lots of jelly roll potential lying about in my studio.

That’s how I ended up with all of these lovely AGF strips of fabric.  I color code my strip baskets and when I looked into the blue basket, my eyes lit up at what I had.  Mixing between bundles is exactly my kinda thing.  Scrappy with control!

Here’s a list of where a few of these came from:



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This quilt will be a pattern that’s available to you early March.  It’s with my testers now.  To see their progress follow the #GoodGirlQuilt.



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