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This month in the Modern Sewcialites it’s all about creative homes.

I feel like my home is just like the rest of me, in a constant state of work in progress.  I’m quite okay with that.  My home is a reflection of me and it changes as I change.  I am always moving things around to better suit my needs or wants or whims.  I’ve painted and repainted almost everything in the house from the kitchen cabinets to the front door to furniture.

My home is also full of the things I love:  photographs of family, meaningful to me objects, mementos from travels, and lots and lots of quilts.  You will also find piles of things I’m working on.  On my front porch (my favorite space) there is currently an embroidery project that I work on whenever I’m out there.  On my sofa is a crochet project that I work on after dinner.  I usually try to tidy the projects away when company is coming, but I so rarely have company….


  Modern Sewcialites is a community hosted by Stephanie Kendron, host of The Modern Sewciety podcast.  A weekly listening ritual for me.

I’ve been listening to Stephanie’s podcast since around 2015, so when she asked me to join this community there was no other thought in my mind except “yes”!  You can read about this community and join in the link below.

Read the details and join here.



I am making the ‘Story quilt’ with my Liberty stash.

This month’s block was this cute house. I’m pretty smitten!

I added my windows (not part of the pattern) with fusible adhesive and then embroidered around them to create window pains.  The little girl is from my Heather Ross stash, she’s the princess in that “princess and the pea” print.  I used fusible adhesive for her too..

The ‘cozy’ banner is from the selvedge of this Cotton and Steel print.  It too was added with adhesive.


Product Spotlight

  Start your own Heather Ross stash and begin a hoarder’s obsession.  Featured here is her new ‘Kinder’ line.

Find more Heather Ross fabrics right here.




Now that I’m looking at the pictures, I realize that I forgot to add a doorknob, so I’ll have to go back and do that.  Still, I can’t not look at that princess and giggle and squeal.  She’s too precious.

Here are all my blocks together.  The Dresden plates are not part of the quilt.  They have just been hanging around on the design wall and since they look so great together, I just left them.

I’m loving dipping into my Liberty stash for this project.  I also love the way each print seems to go together.  I’m being very liberal with my scrappiness on this quilt and choosing to NOT choose a color palette.  I’m just kinda going with the flow and hoping everything turns alright.  Feeling dangerous!

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