Monday is all about Fabric – #67 – Soft and Sweet bundle


You know those fabrics that usually just fit into whatever quilt you want them in?  Oh yes!  This bundle is making my heart melt and my knees weak.  I really feel that these prints can squeeze into almost any quilt and look like they belong there.

Make your tea, let’s talk fabric!


[easy-image-collage id=15631]

Find the Good Girl Quilt pattern here.


Here’s what we are looking at today:

I know I have included the Swifting Flora print in many of my bundles and in a multitude of colorways, but I love that floral!  And this color might be high up the list of favorites (I’m also a sucker for it in turquoise).

And then this print, Wispy Daybreak!  This is a Leah Duncan print.  I can’t stop staring at it.  I really like fabrics that you can’t tell what’s up and down.  It makes for much easier piecing.



This Week

On Wednesday the new Landslide pattern comes out!  If you are signed up for my newsletter you will receive a discount code for the first few days after the release.  If you are sitting on a basket of “width of fabric” scraps, this pattern is going to take care of you.

Happy Monday and have a good week!


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