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The Landslide Quilt #2 – Pattern Release + Quilt Reveal

Hello, lovelies!

Today is the official release OOOOOOF…. Landslide quilt!

Can you tell I'm excited?  I'm beyond happy with this quilt, with the process, with my yummy collection of low volume, with patchwork, with making quilts, oh my goodness, I'm just happy with everything.  And maybe a bit overwhelmed.  Ha!

I wanted to get a post up before about scrapping, but I wasn't able to.  Instead, I'm just going to add that information into this post.  

When I make quilt patterns I make them for myself and for those who are just like me, but I'm hoping if you have a different way of "scrapping" you will find this pattern suitable for you too.  This is going to make more sense in a minute, I promise.





Let's Talk About Scraps

I think we all get into the habit of thinking we are the norm.  I know I tend to, even if sometimes I'm fascinated by the different way others do their thing.  One of my testers pointed out how I might be scrapping a little differently than others, so I wanted to point out that this pattern (if you plan on purchasing it) uses very particular scraps.

This quilt is made with WOF (width of fabric) scraps.  I wanted to be very clear of that.  If you need a quilt pattern to get you inspired to use your scraps, I don't want you to be disappointed to learn that you have to have those kind of scraps to use this quilt pattern.  You can still make this quilt using fat quarters, but you'll have to do all your own math to get that done.

This is exactly the kind of scraps I have in my stash bins (mostly).  I buy almost exclusively half yards and when I've cut what I needed from them there is always this 2-5" strip of fabric leftover that I stuff into a scrap bin based on color.  That strip is exactly what I made this quilt pattern for.


Using Your Scraps

I get a lot of comments from some of you that find it hard to use your scraps and like the quilt you make from them.

The majority of the time I think it's because you are trying to use all of your scraps instead of just a selection of colors from them.

Let me tell you how I begin this process of deciding which scraps to use:

First step is to choose a color palette.  Try to make it a limited color palette.  Unless you are making a rainbow quilt, you don't need every color.

I like to pick just a few colors:  a main color, a supporting color or two and a background color.

My main color for this particular Landslide quilt was pink and red.  My supporting colors were aqua and peach and my background was low volume.

This quilt pattern didn't call for a background fabric, so I just made sure that each of my blocks featured one or two low volume fabrics since I tend to like that look.  

But when I say I'm using pink and red for my main colors, I try to use all shades of pink and red and all the shades of turquoise.

This allows me to play with the scraps I have a little more than if I was being rigid about only using a certain shade of a color instead of any.  Plus, I feel it makes for a more interesting quilt than it would if I'd only used shades of pale pink.


Product Spotlight

  Half Yard (18" x 44") each of the 25 prints from Bee Backgrounds by Lori Holt.

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About The Pattern

  • PDF download
  • Beginner friendly
  • This quilt is intended for your scrap baskets (specifically scraps that are width of fabric).  It is more an exercise in using those strip scraps than it is an actual pattern.  There is not a suggested amount of fabrics or specific measurements for you to cut when you begin.
  • You WILL need a 6.5" ruler to make this quilt like this one.
  • Jelly roll friendly
  • Makes 3 different size quilts (crib, lg throw, and twin sizes)
  • Comes together incredibly fast
  • Does make A LOT of fabric waste (I cut the waste up into squares and returned them to my scrap bin)
  • 4 illustrated pages
  • Pattern is clickable with lots of helpful links included (including methods for basting, quilting and binding)
  • Scrappy friendly
  • Perfect for the strip scrap fabric hoarder (like me) who doesn't know what to do with them all.
  • Use #LandslideQuilt for sharing on Instagram

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More Details

I think this quilt comes together in a pleasant kind of way with you making multiple blocks at once instead of just one at a time.  There will be an easier piecing session and then quite a bit of cutting.

This is the second time I've made this quilt.  Both times I made the large throw size quilt measuring at 60×72".  See my first version here and see my inspiration quilt here.

You might be interested in seeing the quilts my testers made.  Have a look here on Instagram.


Products used in this Quilt

Purchase the pattern here.

Come back Friday.  I'm going to show you what I used to cut my strips up so quickly.

If you are interested in purchasing this quilt, you can do so here.






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