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Hand Cut Heart Quilt #7 + Free Quilt Pattern – quilt reveal + video tutorial

Today I’m showing off my 7th version of this quilt, all in blue this time, and I’m updating my tutorial of this block.

I’m killing it lately with my scrap busting.  Making monochromatic quilts is the way for me for this.  Here’s what I do:  I have a basket for each color of my scraps.  All the pink and reds have a basket, all the greens, all the blues, each has their own basket.  When the basket gets full, it’s time to USE them.  If I don’t, I won’t have any place to put incoming scraps, so there’s my motivator.

This is my Hand Cut Heart quilt.  You can see all my versions of this quilt here.


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The Free Pattern

  • Measures 60×72″.
  • Has 30 blocks, 20 of those blocks feature a heart.


Fabric & Cutting

  • (120) 6.5″ squares for background.  Cut (20) 6.5″ x width of fabric strips.  Then, subcut those into (6) 6.5″ squares per strip.
  • (80) strip scraps measuring approximately 1-3″ wide and 5-10″ long.
  • For binding, you will need (7) 2.5″ strips.

Varying your strip scraps will mean different size and different looking hearts.  Run through your scrap basket and use some of those pieces that you find harder to use.  The bits, is what I like to call them.  Remember going through a scrap basket doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun!

This quilt is a good place to stick those ugly scraps that you keep stuffing away.  Mixing in a few uglies with a few pretties is a good way to use the fabric you don’t like.  It hides them very nicely.

Piece Background Blocks

  1. Pair and sew all your 6.5″ background squares.  Split them into two different stacks.  Press one stacks seam to the left and the other stacks seam to the right.
  2. Next, take a pair from each stack and sew them together to create a 4-patch block.  Remember to nest and pin your seam before you sew.  Then, press open.


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Making The Heart

  1. Chain piece all your strips together into sets of four.  Press all the seams to one side.
  2. Square up your strip sets.  This doesn’t have to be perfect or square.
  3. Lay each set on top of the fabric adhesive and using your rotary cutter cut around your strip set for the correct size adhesive.  Press your strip set onto your adhesive following the manufacturer’s instructions.  I have a video tutorial of this process here.
  4. Fold your piece in half and hand cut out your heart shape starting from the bottom of the heart and on the fold.
  5. Pull off backing paper and press to a background block.

Enjoy this video for a more detailed look at making the heart blocks.


The Landslide Quilt Pattern

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Finishing Up

You’ll lay out your blocks 5 across and 6 down.  Remember that you’ll have 20 blocks with hearts and 10 without.  You can choose a random placement like I show in my pictures or choose something creative that you like instead.

If you need a tutorial for the rest of the quilt making you can find it here:

If you make this quilt be sure to tag it on Instagram using the #handcutheartquilt and tag me.  I’d love to see!



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  1. I absolutely love this quilt!! I’m attempting to make one of my own and was wondering if you have any tips for how to quilt over the hearts…I’m finding the fusible web/fabric adhesive makes them very thick and when I attempt to free motion quilt over them, my top thread keeps breaking. I’ve tried a thicker needle and adjusting my tension settings, but so far haven’t had much luck smoothing out the process. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

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