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Monday is all about Fabric – #69 – Botany

I might just die of fabric love.  Like seriously.  There's not a print in this collection I don't like, nor a color I'm not smitten with.

This is the bundle of fabrics I've chosen to put in my "I am Enough" quilt.  

You are looking at Botany by Kelly Ventura from Windham Fabrics.


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What are we looking at

Side note:  Windham Fabrics very graciously sent me this bundle of fabrics for the quilt along.  I plan on using them along with fabrics from my scrap bins and stash to make my "I am Enough" quilt.

I was wanting a Fall-ish color palette for this quilt and I was purposely trying to stay away from my usual style of pinks and corals.  This collection features such an ADULT color palette I think and I LOVE the floral prints and well, all the others too!  I'm so excited y'all.  I squealed when I opened these and maybe even jumped up and down.  I LOOOOOOOVE them.  Have I said that already?  Okay, then, moving on.

This is the debut fabric collection for Kelly Ventura for Windham Fabrics.

You can purchase this bundle of fabrics or buy them individually right here.

What I like about this collection

I'm a florals girl.  I like them!  A LOT.  This collection features a multitude of florals.  I really like the tonals as well.  I always try to include them in every quilt I make.  They usually pop much more than fabrics with multiple colors.  There is quite a bit of low volumes in this bundle, which if you know me…..  And lastly, the script print!  It has several different colorways for it, but it features quotes from different artists and writers.  One of them is even a Frida Kahlo quote.  So naturally, I was going to love this.

I do think I'm going to have a bit of a hard time mixing my stash in.  I feel like this is an unusual color palette (for me, anyway).  I should have some pale aquas and peaches though and heaven knows I got plenty of low volumes.


 Sulky Thread by Cotton + Steel



Do you know what fabrics you are using yet?  Do you have a color palette?  Can't wait to see!






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