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Hexie Flower Play – Kingfisher Stitch Along

Kingfisher button.jpg This post is part of the Kingfisher Stitch Along, hosted by Rachel from Stitched in Color and Jodi from Tales of Cloth.

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It’s my turn on this series to post!  And my subject is other things to do with those sweet little, yummy hexie flowers!  YES!

I’ve been scheming about this since early May, more like obsessing.  In fact these little lovelies have dropped me down a rabbit hole and I’m not sure I want to come out!

I’ve got three ways of using hexagon flowers for you other than that delectable Kingfisher quilt.

Let’s go see!


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Idea #1

I learned how to English Paper Piece (EPP) spring of 2017, fell in love, finished a whole project, put it down and left it there.  When Rachel asked me to be a part of this series, I said sure.  I’m currently loving any type of project with hand sewing.  Making those hexagon flowers (different from last year’s project) made me a bit giddy.

When I joined in I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the whole quilt, but I could make a mini or something.  I made three hexie flowers.  After finishing them, setting them down on my table and gazing at them lovingly, I knew there was no way I could stop at just three.  BUT what I really wanted to make was a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  It was on after that!  Obsession set in and here we are.

I’ve been EPPing (is that a thing) consistently since then.  The above picture shows my progress.

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s three month’s worth of fairly consistent work (an hour here, two there, most days).  It may take me a long time to finish, but I will eventually finish.

I have no idea the size I’ll make, but I’d like a decent quilt size.  We will see where this goes.  I’ve still got lots of questions about what my plan is, but for now I’m just enjoying the process.


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Find the Falling Slowly Quilt pattern here.



Idea #2

When this idea popped in my head, I might have started giggling.  That’s a great feeling, I tell you!

Hexie flower on my jeans?  Oh, yes!

I cut my hexagons at 3/4″.  That means that each of the six sides is 3/4″, but if you measure directly across the hexagon (point to point in the middle) it measures 1.5″.  I tell you these measurements because so many of you measure them a little differently.

So I made my itty bitty hexagon and then picked a pair of older jeans that gets a little less wear from me due to how snug they happen to me.  Yeesh!

I worried that I might not wear them, but…….


I can promise you that all my other jeans might get a little jealous!  I’ll be wearing these everywhere.  Even if they are a big tight.  🙂

Materials used for Hexie Flower Butt




Idea #3

Remember those three hexie flowers for the Kingfisher I started with?  Well, I wanted to make that too!  So I did, but in pillow form.

I followed all of Rachel’s directions for cutting and sewing those triangles (which I was worried about messing up), but it worked.

I made three of the full diamonds with the hexie flowers and then cut four of the partial diamonds and voila!

This was a VERY fun project.

I used my wool batting that Hobb’s sent me a few months ago, because it’s puffy, you see.  And I knew that if I did a serious fine quilting all over everything but the flowers then they would have an extra puffy look to them, making them pop.

It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but they are puffy, I promise.

Here’s What I used for the pillow:


In case you are interested, I’ll tell you how I made the pillow.

First – I made two quilt sandwiches for my top and backing with top, batting, backing.

Second – I quilted both.

Third – I put them right sides together, pinned, and then sewed them 1/4″ around the perimeter leaving about 3-4″ opening for turning.

Fourth – I turned the pillow right side out.

Fifth – I stuffed it very thick with the polyfil.

Sixth and finally – I used a ladder stitch or blind stitch to close.



If you’d like to follow the stitch along

8 Hexagon flowers per week

Finishing Up





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