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Hey!  Today, I’m excited to show you what I’ve been working on for the last five weeks.  Slow work!  Like so very s l o w…… and relaxing and peaceful.  I’m really excited about this next quilt pattern.  I say that a lot, and I always mean it, but I’m REALLY excited about this one.  It has consumed me this last month.

I’ve been saying for a year that I would put up an EPP tutorial.  The stars have finally aligned and I’m ready!




I’ve been working on Oh Honey quilt, and making video tutorials to show you how to do it all, every tiny smidgen, all the tips and tricks I’ve been able to learn from my last few years of doing.

Next week, I’ll be posting all these video tutorials on the blog.  You won’t have to purchase the pattern for the majority of the tutorials.  The only exclusive video tutorials for the pattern will be the actual building of the giant flower.  In other words, there will be a free tutorials for thoughts on supplies, two methods for basting, the whipstitch and how to sew them together, hexie flower and hand applique.

Look for these starting Monday.  There will be one every day Monday through Saturday.


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Oh Honey is part EPP (English paper piecing), part machine piecing.  If you are new to EPP or like me, never finish a project, this is going to be a good quilt to tackle, I think.  It’s just a little bit of EPP and then a little bit of machine piecing.  This way you can’t get tired of either.  Although, like I mentioned above, it did take me 5 weeks to get the center finished, and that was working on it 1-3 hours a day.  I could just be slow though.  🙂

Keep in mind if you’ve never EPPed, slowness is the point.  It makes a really great side project to be working on.  I say side project because you can only sit for so long and hand stitch before you’ve got to get up and move or you feel like your hand may fall off.  Also, EPP projects are great for traveling and since summer is coming up you could be spending lots of time on car rides or plane rides or just chilling by the pool.  I can’t ever just sit still, my hands need something, so the majority of my EPP work on this quilt has been done on my sofa watching TV with the hubs or tea time on my front porch.



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You can look for Oh Honey to release on or around May 15.  You can go ahead and preorder the paper version now if you’d like.

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  1. This new quilt is so lovely!! EPP is something I have wanted to try for awhile. If you spent 5 weeks working on the project, I can plan on it taking me 2 years?

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