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Good Girl quilt #3 – quilt reveal


You know how much I love this quilt.  It might be my favorite quilt pattern.  Well, at least in the top two of my favorites.  It’s such a scrap buster.

If you haven’t already purchased my Good Girl quilt pattern, do so here.



This was a custom order quilt, so I don’t get to keep this one.  Not that I have kept any of them.  🙁  I keep giving them away as gifts.  I really need to make myself one of these, but I already have so many quilts.  I doubt I’m alone in this.

Here’s my other Good Girl quilts in case you are interested:

I’ve basically re-made my original quilt, but with all different fabrics or mostly different fabrics.  My scraps changed up so the blues are different and I’ve got a different mix of low volumes as well.

I wanted to say this one is prettier than the original, but there’s so many pops of colors from the blues in that quilt that I always give me the heart eyes.  I do like the low volume selection in this one better, it’s just a bit busier I’d say.  Naturally, I’m a fan of busy, hence me loving scrappy quilts.




I have a real thing for monochromatic quilts.  I always feel like I can’t go wrong with them.  What are your thoughts?  Do you make a lot of monochromatic quilts like me?

This Good Girl quilt is the twin size version.  I believe the pattern has three sizes.

I don’t think I had quite the same variety as the last one.  I would like to make one that’s not monochromatic, but have an ombre look to it moving down the quilt diagonally.  That could be really cool.


If you might be interested in this pattern, you can find it for sale here.  It’s a simple pattern, but lovely, I think.  It is a PERFECT pattern to try as your very first quilt, nothing but straight line sewing to learn.


Get a personalized quilt label for your quilt.


Get the Label



The pattern uses a jelly roll or most of the sizes use less than a jelly roll.  I’m always telling fellow quilters that if you have a bunch of jelly rolls that you didn’t completely use, this quilt will take care of the rest.  It also uses much low volume.  You know how I feel about low volume.  The cutting instructions call for 1/3 yard cuts, but if you are sitting on top a low volume subscription, you could always use those.


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If you haven’t signed up yet for the I am Enough quilt along, I’d love it if you did so.  We start this Friday.  You don’t want to miss the fun we will be having and the prizes that we will be giving out.

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