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Quilt Reveal – Trippy Quilt – #2 – The Colorful One


It feels like I’ve been working on this quilt for ages.  Truly.  Piecing tiny squares together is not for the restless.  To be truthful, Trip Around the World quilts are for those that have so many scraps they are drowning in them and plenty of time to fuss over them.  If this hadn’t been a commissioned quilt, it would have been one that I took my time with and worked on here and there between other projects.  Like that last one I finished last December.

I’m of the opinion that the Trip Around the World quilt is the holy grail of scrappy quilt patterns, well, besides the Dresden quilt anyways.  🙂  It’s so ridiculously time consuming.  Having said that, it’s one of the coolest looking quilt patterns I’ve ever seen.  There are a number of different ways to turn your blocks to get a different look, but no matter which way you go with that, it’s a “can’t look away” kind of quilt.  I’ve found dozens of them on Pinterest that I’m completely obsessed with.  There’s so many ways to make it your own!

Let’s dig in!


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I changed up the way I made this quilt from the one I made last December.  There was so much waste in the other one that bothered me.  It’s hard to completely get away from waste with the way these quilts are put together, but I thought minimizing it to be necessary.

When I posted about my last one, so many of you wanted a pattern.  I didn’t feel good about writing a pattern for it.  There are so many versions of it that you could get from old books or for free online.  It’s an old style quilt that’s been done over and over again.  Many of you persisted, so I’ve actually written my pattern for this quilt.  To make it worth your while though, I’ll be including it in a set of scrappy patterns that I’ll be bundling together.  You can look for this to release late this year.  I’ll be making another one as well just for that purpose!


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I didn’t get to choose the colors on this quilt.  As I mentioned before I was commissioned to make it.  I did get to choose the fabrics.  I’m sure you know how absolutely delightful it is to dig through your scrap baskets, pulling out fabric scraps you’d long forgotten you had.  The quilt top is 100% scraps.  That’s always the most fun!

There’s a lot of different colors in this quilt, and I tend to lean to just a few colors and using different variations of that color.  Having said that, I’m still pretty smitten with this one, even if it’s not completely me.  I stuck in hoards of low volumes, but I wished I’d added even more.  My next one I’ll do just that!


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If you’ve never dug into Trip Around the World quilts, you might not know that they are made using a “tube” method.  It’s really hard to wrap your mind around at first or at least it was for me.  There’s a lot of seam ripping that happens with them.  When I release the pattern, it will include a video tutorial with step by step instructions so that you don’t have to learn anything the hard way.




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Quilt Details:

PatternTrippy Quilt

Size – 100×100″

Blocks – 100 blocks

Top Fabrics – All scraps

Backing FabricsGille Wishes, Birds and Love in Jade and Cotton Couture in ocean

BindingLace Edgen in golden

Batting – Warm and Natural batting by the Warm Company

ThreadSo Fine by Superior for piecing, cream from the Quilt+ thread line for quilting

Techniques Used – meander quiltingwall basting, and machine binding

Quilt Label – A label made especially for this quilt,  tutorial for how to install it here




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Thanks for showing up to read about my Trippy quilt.  I hope you will want to make one in your future.  I should be sending this quilt pattern to my testers very soon.  In the meantime, save your width of fabric scraps!  You will need SO MANY STRIPS!


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  1. Hi Melanie! I made a trip around the world quilt several years ago and I have never heard of the “tube method”. I am looking forward to seeing how this is done! I used the time consuming method of cutting my fabric scraps into over 5,000 1 1/2 squares (whoa…talk about time consuming!) and sewing them into blocks and rows. Trippy quilts are just so beautiful and I may tackle making another one if I have enough scraps. Excited to see a pattern for this!

  2. I love all the fabrics and colors in this quilt. I don’t have many strips left so I guess I had better start saving them. How wide? I am looking forward to making this quilt.

  3. I made a scrappy trip king quilt top this year using Bonnie Hunter’s tutorial. I still have loads of scraps left! Once it’s quilted I’ll have to get a picture up on IG. I loved making it.

  4. Love the yummy color selections of both of your trippy quilts!
    I too used Bonnie Hunter’s easy tutorial and have made 3 of them so far. To me they were pretty fast to make and I don’t recall much waste at all.
    I’m itching to make another soon after seeing yours!

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