I am Enough quilt along – Pattern 6 – Scallop Border

This post is a part of the I am Enough quilt along that starts September 28, 2018 and ends February 1, 2019.

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I know that many of you might be dreading this part of the pattern.  It’s more handwork.  Don’t scream!  Feel free to use your machine if you’d rather.  I, on the other hand, have been enjoying this little forced hand applique bit.  I almost always opt for machine applique, so it’s nice when I tell myself that I “must” give the hand a go.  I do so little of it, but love it so much.

Let’s jump in!


You are Enough

I have to be honest.  This week I’m struggling for a topic for this part of our quilt along.  We’ve covered doubting ourselves, perfection, being self critical, focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses and comparisonitis.  I’ve heard from many of you that have told me how the theme of our quilt along has really resonated with you, about how all the time you question whether you are enough.

So this round all I’m going to say is that whatever you are feeling, you are not the only one feeling that.  We are all the same more than we could ever know.  I think the best way to fight these feelings is to say something nice to somebody else.  Stop complaining, it doesn’t ever seem to help, and it has the added disadvantage of bringing who you are complaining to down.  Say something nice, make someone’s day.

It’s sad to think that we are all walking around with low opinions of ourselves.  There are so many people I’ve connected with on Instagram who have recently said something poorly about themselves and I have to say, “Oh no, girlie!  You are awesome!”  I’m always so surprised at the people who say these things, people who in my mind are on this pedestal of wonderfulness, people who I think have it all.  They too think bad things.  We all do.  Let’s knock it off, shall we?

In your caption this week on Instagram when you post your scallop border, mention another quilter who is participating in the I am Enough quilt along who you think has seriously got it going on.  Let’s all scatter around some happiness.



Today’s Lesson

We are learning how to hand applique today and how to make circular appliques a very easy way and give yourself the roundest scallop you can get.  This is fussy, slow, and can be frustrating if you’ve never done it before.  Accept that before you even start and half your battle is over.

I loved this section of the pattern.  I took my time spread out over a week or so and imagined myself some fancy lady in a lovely dress, sitting in a parlor with an old fashioned thimble and needle stitching away, piano music in the background.  Something far from my leggings and sofa and Netflix.  I guess I always think of this as fancy applique and that’s where my mind naturally goes.

You can do this.  YOU CAN.  It’s just time that gets in the way.  And if you are groaning and shaking your head already, fine.  Machine applique them instead.  There are no rules.  Go be you.  You are always allowed and encouraged to do so.



Pattern 6 – Scallop Border

I was excited to begin this one, even though it’s been the slowest yet.  I enjoyed it.  I cannot wait to have my finished quilt and when I quilt it I plan on hand quilting around the scallops.  I’m squealing over here.  I hope you are too!


  • I used this glue.  This was a supply left off of our original supply list.  Sorry about that!  Elmer’s glue works great too.
  • Needle goes down into the background fabric behind the thread, comes up in the fold of the applique, and then repeat over and over again.
  • Play with different holding techniques and find one that works for you best.
  • If you think it will help, sew your borders on first and then stitch the scallops on.  I preferred the way I did it so that my raw edge applique on the color wheel didn’t fray.
  • If you prefer to machine applique, follow the video tutorial until you get to the hand stitching section.  Just use the same color thread as your applique and machine stitch them down along the edges.

Onto the pattern!

Click the tab below to download the pattern and get started.  I cannot wait to see what you make!

Click here to download the pattern


Video Tutorial




Helpful Links

Havel’s Tools I use in the video



I wanted to take a moment and thank you for sewing along with me in this quilt along.  I am having a grand time meeting new friends and learning new tricks.  Thanks for showing up!


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