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WIP – Trip Around The World Quilt – Progress


I know I’ve written about this quilt before, but can’t seem to find that post.  Regardless, this was a quilt I started back in 2016.  I pulled the blocks out of their little basket stored with other WIPs I’ve lost interest in.  There they were all purple, gray and yellow.  Seems like I remember choosing the color palette based on another quilt I saw and loved on Instagram that I’ve long forgotten about.  Whatever.  The blocks were still pretty even if they were covered in a layer of dust.

While I do love some of the blocks and fabrics I’ve used, others not so much.  Still, I’ve got another quilt to gift for Christmas and I’m needing it done within the week, so pulling this from the WIP pile seemed like the thing to do.

I could not have been more wrong.


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While beginning to make more blocks for it (I had 12/25), I remember exactly why I quit working on it.  These blocks and their tiny 2.5″ squares are no joke.  It is a meticulous kind of piecing job.  I’m sure that many of you have made this very quilt and KNOW what I’m talking about.  It seems so simple. It’s just basic sewing.  NO, it’s way more than that.

The blocks do come together in a creative kind of way to make it a bit simpler, but still.  It’s one block at a time kind of meticulous.  Not my favorite way to make a quilt, but there is something I find a bit magical about these kind of quilts.  It’s as if they are a bit more special than all the other quilts.

I like the way you can turn them anyway you want to and end up with a different design, the way you can colorize them to give them a similar look or like what I’ve done here, everything mixed in together with no real color focus.



It feels nice to get this one completed and ready to gift on Christmas Eve.  I don’t think it deserved to be sitting so long untouched by me, but when the interest isn’t there, it isn’t there.  I’m okay with WIPs sitting awhile and getting picked up later.  And while I had forgotten the time involved in this one’s piecing, once I was committed it went smoothly.


The Good Girl Quilt

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I like pulling out my scrap bins.  There’s a pleasure that I get from it that I don’t from just pulling from my stash or buying fabrics specifically for a quilt.  I don’t know if it’s knowing I didn’t waste anything, using what I’ve got or just this love affair I have with all things scrappy.  Probably the latter.  There are so many fabrics used in this quilt that are absolutely scrumptious.

I was a little bummed that I was going to be stuck in this color palette I chose from 2016 that I’m really not digging too much now, but I pulled in a little blue and added a whole lot of low volume and I’m satisfied with it.  I’m also thinking I should make another.  I’ve got a substantial amount of aqua scraps that are begging for a job to do.  So maybe soon.



Another thing, it’s hard to say exactly, but I’ve been quilting since 2008 and back in 2016 I would have considered myself doing everything correct.  Maybe it was just this particular quilt or maybe not, but either way when the old blocks were put next to the new blocks made earlier this week, it was obvious that there has been a change to my piecing.  The blocks I made a few days ago all were correctly measuring 12.5″.  Pieced lovingly with all lined up points.  The blocks pieced back in 2016 also had lined up points, but for some reason were coming in a bit shorter than the 12.5″.

They were also tightly pieced, where the new were relaxed.  Not sure if my piecing has simply gotten better or if I was just having a hard time of this quilt way back then, but either way it’s nice to feel like I’ve grown a bit in two years, especially at the end of the year when we like to look at what has changed.


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I’ve been making goals for next year and I’ve several patterns waiting to be released then.  I’m thinking I’d like to mix the Trip Around the World quilt up a bit and make it into a pattern.  It wouldn’t be exactly like this.  Is this something you’d like to see?  Or is it too old of a quilt pattern to be redone?  Or just boring?  I’ve got a scrappy series coming that I’ve mentioned a few times and this quilt is just fabulous at using your scraps, plus I’d like to remake it again anyway.  Tell me your thoughts.  I love hearing from you.


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  1. I think it is beautiful! Curious by what you mean “They were also tightly pieced, where the new were relaxed.” I think having the pattern would be helpful.

    1. I love this pattern. Design one and I will make it. I have a lot of 2 1/2 blocks and strips. I have never made a Log Cabin quilt but I will one day. Is it considered old?

    2. The new blocks laid nicely flat with straight edges while the old blocks kinda wobble on the edges as if the rows of blocks weren’t quite all the same size. It gives it this tight feel that I can kind of stretch it to the correct size, but then still end up with more waves. I’ve hidden this in the finished quilt top best I could, but it still shows on the edges of my quilt. It might have just been with the new blocks I used starch and the old I didn’t. Or maybe the tension wasn’t correct on the old, though my stitches look fine. I’m really not sure.

  2. It’s a lovely quilt. Looks a lot old fashioned. I think it will be loved for generations. I find when I work with 2.5 inch squares that doing a nine patch or sixteen patch makes it easier. I also think that this kind of quilt only needs one consistent placement of color to hold it together. I love your colors. Sue

  3. I would LOVE to see either a pattern and/or a tutorial on this trip around the world quilt pattern – its one of my very favorites!!! I have a couple blog posts from other quilters about this pattern, but they are old and/or incomplete or super modern, chopped up layouts – i would love to see one from you (your teaching style always helps me learn so much!!) showing the various ways the traditional blocks can be arranged, with color placement, etc, and how to use scraps to get there!! I know these things take a lot of your time, though!!! But i wanted to weigh in, since you asked! Merry Christmas, Melanie!! Thank you for all you do for the quilting community, and I hope 2019 is a WONDERFUL year for you and your family!!!

    1. I prefer the Rainbow Trip Around The World quilt at Amish Country Lanes. The hues are rich and bring the classy style of this quilt pattern and marry the two ideas of simplicty and class!

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